• Cubitize

    Litespeed cache is truly a masterpiece! My site is running much faster (average loading times are 1-2 secs sometimes even less than before (4-6 secs). Mind you, my site is heavy on javascript (I have a 3D avatar chatbot containing an mp4 file, notification popups, woocommerce installed, uncompressed images, etc.). If I strip these superfluous add-ons as well as optimize my images, average loading time will be under 1 sec. This goes to show that even with these constraints, Litespeed has enough horsepower to still make a positive difference in loading times.

    I was also mesmerized by their active support team on slack. Usually whenever something is for free, support diminishes. My experience was the complete opposite. I thought the slack channel would be dead like ghost town, but much to my surprise, I got all my questions answered. I had no trouble with their competent team. They answered all my demanding questions productively with enough details not to leave me in bewilderment.

    When I paired Litespeed cache with Cloudflare it substantially rejuvenated my site. A perfect performance enhancer without spending any money. Luckily, my host has Litespeed servers in place otherwise the plugin won't work.

    All and all, Litespeed is definitely paving the way for caching! Might I also add how multi-faceted their free plugin is? You can compress images similar to Shortpixel or Tinypng and optimize your database (cleaning post revisions, removing transient options, etc.) similar to wp-optimize or autoptimize. I never seen a caching plugin do so many chores at once.

    This saves on bloat (you dont need to install additional plugins for these types of jobs). And I am sure down the road, they will add more features and customization options for image compression. It has most of what you need for free. No need to spend extra dollars on Shortpixel and any other paid image optimization plugin.

    I highly recommend Litespeed over WP rocket, W3 Total Cache, SG Optimizer, and any other caching plugin. It's simple to configure with robust loading speeds! And if you get lost in the tracks, rest assured, their hands-on tutorial guides and slack channel won't leave you hanging.

    You guys deserve an academy award! I wish the Litespeed team all of God's blessings for a healthy business sustenance!

    —  Joe George (a.k.a Digital Joe George), Digital Innovator of Cubitize
  • Known Host

    We have found LSWS to be a very effective tool for customers with highly trafficked websites. The immediate boost in performance can be felt even before tweaking the configuration for LSWS. Once fully configured, LSWS lives up to its expectations and provides a noticeable performance boost without requiring additional hardware purchases from the customer.

    Coupled with the cPanel plugin that allows seamless integration with WHM, it makes for a very easy product to deploy for customers when they need the extra speed or to handle larger amounts of traffic. With the stability of LSWS, we know that every time we recommend the product that it will be stable and perform as intended for our customers.

    —  Daniel P., COO
  • WantEasy

    It is great to apply all our hosting servers with LiteSpeed web server system in Taiwan.

    Although it cost us extra license fee and not cheap, but it help our clients to get better page load speed, especially with LSCache for WordPress.

    You must know, when we find our clients get better experience for their site without other tuning, we are excited with it, it is all worth the cost.

    Thanks LiteSpeed.

    —  CH LIN., CEO
  • Gigenet

    Accessibility to your servers and the websites hosted on them is crucial to your business. Since its inception, GigeNET has focused on providing our clients quality and meaningful solutions for their business needs. By partnering with LiteSpeed, a leading provider of high-performance and high scalability web servers and employing the brightest network engineers, we are able to boast one of the fastest and most reliable solutions in the industry, and confidently back it with a 100% uptime SLA. LiteSpeed is a great affordable option for people and companies looking to improve the performance of the hosted sites with a secure, fast, and reliable web server.

    —  Kristin A., Director of Product Development
  • Alastyr

    We have been using LiteSpeed since its inception. We have even forgotten other web servers' error messages! Since we have started using LiteSpeed, we have not gotten crashed servers or any access problems. We haven't needed to look back.

    We use LiteSpeed for all of our servers, and we suggest it to our VPS/VDS and dedicated server customers, too.

    We would like to thank the LiteSpeed team for offering and improving this product day by day. LiteSpeed Web Server means that, when our customers start their business, they already have a 1-0 advantage over other companies' customers. In short, if we have 100% customer satisfaction, LiteSpeed definitely deserves has a big share of the praise for that.

    —  Serkan K., CEO
  • Hawk Host

    Here at Hawk Host we've been using Litespeed as our webserver since early 2009 and haven't looked back since. Litespeed is deployed on all of our shared and reseller servers, and we recommend the software to VPS users looking for that extra speed boost for their sites. Not only do we deploy Litespeed on our hosting servers but we also use it on our own website.

    In our shared environments, optimal performance for PHP based sites/applications is critical and Litespeed helps us deliver that to our customers. We constantly hear about new technologies but we know that Litespeed will still provide the most reliable performance for us.

    We're constantly recommending the software to colleagues, not only for the performance benefits but for the overall quality of the product. If we come across a bug it is addressed immediately and our feature requests are constantly being added. When a potential customer asks us if we use Litespeed we're proud to say yes, knowing that in todays industry customers actively seek out a Litespeed host. We've had a great working relationship with George and the rest of his team, and have no doubt that will continue for years to come.

    —  Cody R., CTO
  • Geek Storage

    We love LiteSpeed! For small and large deployments, LiteSpeed is our go-to web server, not only for its high performance, but also for its ease of use and installation.

    Without question, LiteSpeed has greatly improved our web hosting performance and reliability. GeekStorage has been using LiteSpeed on our production web hosting services for almost five years. In that time, we have used LiteSpeed Web Server in many different deployment environments - from large websites requiring high performance PHP and caching to virtual servers running a few development websites.

    LiteSpeed is easier to install, faster to configure and is better performing than any other software that we have tested to date. In addition, the LiteSpeed support team is always fast and friendly to work with and they have an excellent licensing model, which includes tiers for small development servers and virtualized systems. We recommend LiteSpeed every chance we get!

    —  Matthew E., Head Geek
  • NameHero

    If you ask our customers what they love the most about hosting their website with NameHero, they’ll say it’s our uptime and speed. Hands-down much of this success is credited to us using LiteSpeed on all of our servers. Our customers are able to handle much more traffic than they could with Apache and we’re able to add nearly double the number of sites per server without sacrificing crucial load times. Excellent job!

    —  Ryan G., CEO
  • Dewaweb

    We use LiteSpeed Enterprise in our cloud hosting servers exclusively in order to provide the best hosting service for our customers. We have been serving some of the biggest and busiest e-commerce sites in Indonesia - thanks to LiteSpeed Enterprise. The performance and security advantages are worth every penny!

    —  Dewaweb, Cloud Hosting
  • Stable Host

    In the business of shared hosting, where margins are very slim and DDoS attacks are a daily occurrence, you need to rely on your server software to help you from going bankrupt.

    Like most providers, we started off with the open source web server, Apache, because it was free and the default for the control panel we were running at the time. While this worked for a few months, we soon realized that we were only able to put 200 clients on a server before it became overloaded.

    We looked for solutions and realized we had two options: Throw hardware at the problem or invest in a commercial-made web server to handle web requests faster. It was an easy decision for us and since day 1, we’ve been incredibly happy with Litespeed’s performance both on the web server and security side.

    Litespeed web server has allowed us to triple our capacity for requests and therefore generate more revenue per server.

    —  Tyler H., President
  • Ventraip

    Within the highly competitive Australian hosting market, it's important that we offer a product suitable to the needs of businesses building their online presence. In 2012, we went searching for a means of improving the performance of our Business and WHM Reseller hosting services; the solution we found was LiteSpeed and its performance boost was immediately recognised.

    LiteSpeed has helped us to improve our product delivery to ensure we meet the demands of our clients in a world where website performance is paramount. The implementation of the LiteSpeed Web Server product has delivered measurable performance improvements across our fleet. The resource footprint of the product compared to others has halved our loads through reduced CPU, RAM and Disk IO consumption.

    These benefits have translated into measurable performance improvements for our clients. With our capacity to now handle a greater number of concurrent website requests, our Business clients can be confident that our product will allow them to compete in the ever growing online market place. Furthermore, we have witnessed improvements, with website load times typically halving across all major Content Management solutions, ranging from basic Wordpress setups to the most complex of Magento stores. These benefits ensure our platform now facilitates a greater number of concurrent visitors to the websites of our clients which translates into a greater profit potential for their Business.

    It may not always be acutely visible, but many of the benefits of the platform also lie under the hood. Importantly, it offers excellent defence against distributed brute force attempts against platforms such as WordPress which other competing products would topple from. Its anti-flood technologies, additional attention to security and DDoS protection features have proven invaluable in continuing to provide a solid platform.

    Overall, LiteSpeed provides us with measurable improvements to our services and it does so at an affordable price point. We are excited for what the future holds for LiteSpeed as their product continues to mature and allows us to continue building a solid hosting platform for businesses around Australia and the world.

    —  Jesse M., COO
  • Fileburst

    We've been using LiteSpeed since 2007, when we were looking for high performance web server for our download servers. Previously, we used thttpd and lighttpd web servers, but finally decided to migrate everything to LiteSpeed because of its performance, ease of use, security, and complete feature set. Since then, we've never been disappointed with LiteSpeed's capability to deliver.

    We install a lot of multi-core LiteSpeed packages with optimized configuration on our download servers to deliver millions of downloads every month without dropping a sweat. I'm also impressed with the level of support provided by the LiteSpeed team whenever we need anything.

    —  fileburst.com
  • Simple Servers

    Simple Servers offers optimized servers for shared, cloud, and dedicated customers. We are experts in Magento-optimized hosting and offer LiteSpeed to all of our customers by default.

    Litespeed Enterprise in now standard on all our shared hosting, and most dedicated and cloud customers opt for Litespeed if page load time and effective CPU use is important. We have seen huge reductions in page load time and equally massive reductions in CPU utilization when servers get busy. Some customers running complex Magento clusters benefit from the multi-CPU LiteSpeed Enterprise edition and have handled over 800 concurrent Magento users on their sites.

    We have tried optimizing Apache and Nginx for Magento customers, but Litespeed always wins hands down. The customization that Litespeed offers is second to none and we have huge flexibility in changing the LiteSpeed config. We have tested all the different web servers and web server configs under many different test conditions and loads, and we thoroughly recommend Litespeed!

    —  Nick P., Director
  • Genious

    We have been using LiteSpeed for almost a year now, and we definitely won't be stopping as it has become an essential component of the services we offer. Although LiteSpeed is certainly interchangeable with Apache, one of the key features for us is the LiteSpeed Cache. We host almost all the news websites in the country, and most of these websites aren't really optimized to handle all these connections (up to 10,000 simultaneous connections). PHP & MySQL just can't handle such traffic unless you have a large infrastructure, and that would cost a lot. The secret here is to deploy LiteSpeed and enable the cache. We can handle all this traffic just by deploying one server with LiteSpeed. It works just great as all the requests are mainly static, so it's not even using a lots of CPU/RAM.

    LiteSpeed plays an essential part in our shared hosting platform, where we host up to 3000 Websites in one server.

    —  Hamza A., PDG
  • Aspiration Hosting

    As we offer high-performance hosting solutions, website loading speed is very important to us and our customers.

    We choose LiteSpeed over the countless other web servers available today as it meets our goal in delivering high-performance and high scalability without compromising on security and compatibility. LiteSpeed also integrates seamlessly into our entire infrastructure which includes CloudLinux, cPanel and Ksplice.

    All of our servers, ranging from our smallest Web Hosting plan, to our most powerful Managed Dedicated Server and even our own website, use LiteSpeed as our preferred web server.

    We also deploy LiteSpeed Dynamic Content Cache, which is a Varnish-style page cache, across our entire Web Hosting server fleet to further improve performance and reduce resource utilization. It is as good as, if not better than, Varnish while maintaining full compatibility with the web server, which is a huge plus.

    We highly recommend LiteSpeed to anyone who seeks for high-performance and high-scalability while maintaining compatibility and security.

    —  James L., President
  • Rival Host

    Without a doubt, Litespeed was our first choice. Our clients depend on us for uptime and reliability and Litespeed helps us deliver exceptional performance in an easily configureable package that is ideal for commercial deployments.

    —  Todd R., CEO
  • Crucial Web Hosting

    Website performance is very important to our clients. We've found that LiteSpeed delivers the performance our clients' demanding applications require, while reducing the resource footprint of the web server, resulting in lower CPU load and memory usage and improved stability of the system.

    Our shared hosting clients greatly benefit from the enhanced security delivered by LiteSpeed's PHP suEXEC without the compromise in performance commonly found in competing web servers. The built-in CloudLinux integration further enhances the stability of the system and provides a platform that our shared hosting clients can depend on. We trust our entire fleet of shared hosting servers to LiteSpeed and we've never been disappointed.

    Our enterprise and dedicated clients also greatly benefit from the performance and security offered by LiteSpeed's caching and anti-DDoS built in features. LiteSpeed easily handles a minimum of 5 times the traffic that Apache can handle on the same system. This means our clients need less system resources to handle more simultaneous visitors and do so with improved page delivery speed, saving clients money and increasing conversion rates, as well as their bottom line.

    While we have only had the need to request support from LiteSpeed a couple of times, we've found their technicians professional and prompt. We've been impressed by the speed at which software patches have been released to address the rare issue that comes with running the latest versions of any software.

    Every client at Crucial Web Hosting runs on LiteSpeed. Whether it's our $10/month shared hosting plan or our multi-system enterprise server clusters, LiteSpeed is at the heart of our systems and our performance demanding clients wouldn't have it any other way. With over two years experience running LiteSpeed on every web server in our fleet, we can say with confidence that migrating to LiteSpeed was the right decision for our clients and our business.

    —  Richard G., CEO
  • InterServer

    InterServer has been partnering with LiteSpeed since they opened in 2002 to provide our most demanding customers with the speed, reliability and performance they require. Since both companies are based in the New Jersey it was a perfect fit which allowed us to quickly learn about the exciting technologies which were being developed by the engineers at LiteSpeed so we could become leaders in implementing this technology into our web servers.

    We have been dedicated to providing comprehensive web hosting solutions to individuals and companies of all sizes since 1999. From the beginning we have been committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients and one of the ways we do this is by always using cutting edge technologies which is why we began working with LiteSpeed from very early.

    The LiteSpeed services are available on both our VPS and dedicated server products which means they are affordable to clients at virtually all price points. Our team of engineers and the experts at LiteSpeed understand that it isn’t only the huge multi-national companies that require the fastest response times for their web pages which is why we offer the LiteSpeed web services to customers at almost all price points.

    Our clients have benefited from the increased reliability, performance and speed which they can enjoy by using the LiteSpeed web servers. Large websites with heavy loads appreciate the fact that they can get the increased performance they require through this affordable software based solution rather than purchasing expensive new hardware. Many of our smaller clients have found that because they often get the bulk of their traffic in short bursts of time the LiteSpeed services are a great way to keep their site loading smoothly without having to pay the higher rates of a dedicated server.

    Since 2008 Interserver has been extremely happy to use and offer the LiteSpeed services, and we look forward to continuing this extremely beneficial partnership long into the future.

    —  Michael L., Director of Business Development
  • Jump.BG

    Litespeed provides our clients with the highest performance boost and a significantly more efficient cache for their SSD web pages. Due to its easy installation and configuration we are able to provide our customers with the best possible web solution in a short span of time.

    Litespeed integrates new technologies such as HTTP/2 and QUIC that reduce CPU and MEM usage, which ultimately leads to significantly eased administration duties. Moreover, it enables shared and reseller SSD hosting to handle a vast majority of users.

    Litespeed currently offers the best and most up-to-date solution in the market, whereas other similar products fail to deliver. Furthermore, Litespeed’s vibrant team is always available to answer your diverse questions or help you achieve your goals.

    This is why we recommend Litespeed to every user or administrator.

    —  Dragomir Z., CEO
  • MDDHosting

    MDDHosting was founded in late 2007 and for almost two years we ran Apache. Over those first two years we faced occasional issues where Apache would crash due to running the system out of RAM or simply due to Apache being inefficient and unable to keep up with the needs of our clients. We found ourselves regularly upgrading our hardware to keep our services stable as we grew.

    In July of 2009 we moved to Litespeed and found that with Litespeed we could do more with less while increasing stability and speed. We found that we could process thousands or tens of thousands of requests per second on Litespeed while using only a fraction of the system resources Apache would require under the same workload.

    Litespeed has been directly responsible for allowing us to standardize our hardware while increasing uptime, reliability, and overall speed for our customers since 2009.

    —  Michael D., CEO
  • Host For Web

    We use LSWS Enterprise on our shared servers and really enjoy the performance boost it provides. Average load on servers drops significantly after installation of LiteSpeed Web Server. Its a good investment if you plan to increase your server's performance, but don't want to upgrade hardware.

    —  Alex B., Executive Officer
  • Ideal Hosting

    LiteSpeed has been our first choice since the day we first we found out about them. We have been actively using LiteSpeed for our clients and our own servers to reduce cost but increase performance. I want to thank the LiteSpeed team for offering us this awesome, hassle-free platform.

    —  Turel O., General Manager
  • Properhost

    ProperHost specializes in Magento-optimized eCommerce hosting, and over the years we have spent a lot of time searching for the optimal combination of software and hardware in order to deliver the performance our clients have come to expect.

    LiteSpeed Web Server is a vital component in our technology stack and is deployed on all our servers. After switching to LiteSpeed, the reliability of our servers has improved and customer websites load faster than ever. Compared to traditional Apache installations, server load has reduced significantly, allowing us to cut down on total number of servers and pass the savings on to our customers.

    LiteSpeed Web Server is worth every penny! Thank you for a great product!

    —  Sindre M., CEO
  • PopAds

    PopAds.net is an adnetwork created from scratch. We decided not to use any of the ready-made platforms in order to have full control over what happens in our network as well as to be able to offer custom features.

    As with most startups, we started with Apache. Unfortunately, as we were getting more and more traffic, Apache was becoming more and more unstable and our techs were not able to optimize Apache settings any further.

    At that point, one of our techs suggested we try LiteSpeed and that was a great decision. After switching to LiteSpeed, we forgot about the problem of crashing web servers. We now handle many times more traffic than we did in the beginning - using the same three old web servers we had Apache on three years ago!

    For us, using LiteSpeed is not only about performance. (There are free solutions that offer similar performance.) The most important thing is that we can access reasonably priced tech support directly from the vendor. If something goes wrong, we can always call for help and things are fixed immediately. We even got a custom version of LiteSpeed made to allow us to better filter fraudulent traffic from our adnetwork!

    In conclusion, do you know any other websites in the Alexa top 300 that run on three old web servers?

    —  PopAds.net
  • Steadfast

    Steadfast recommends LiteSpeed as a heavily optimized alternative to the Apache web server, helping our customers to avoid expensive upgrades and get more out of their existing hardware.

    Unlike other alternative web servers, LiteSpeed's optimized PHP server and innate Apache compatibility make it easy for customers to drop in without having to build a new configuration from the ground up. Integration with hosting control panels makes it even easier to use and maintain. No other software delivers the same set of benefits.

    —  Kevin S., CTO
  • Dewahost

    We have started to migrate our cPanel web hosting servers from Apache to LiteSpeed. Its cPanel plugin and Apache compatibility make installing super easy. It took us only about 10 minutes to install and configure it on each server. The performance improvement is significant and LiteSpeed really shines when dealing with high volume of traffic. We had a customer getting a huge spike of 30k visitors per hour and LiteSpeed could cope with the load easily.

  • TVC.net

    LiteSpeed has been a great experience for us here at TVC.Net. Our VPS clients love it, because it brings to them levels of performance that they could not afford otherwise. LiteSpeed makes WordPress websites fly!

    —  Jim W., Service Manager
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