LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Acceleration 2023-05-11 19:34:32 LSCache for WordPress is a FREE plugin that delivers maximum performance to your WP site. LSCWP is an All-in-One site acceleration solution. Cache Mobile Views & Logged-in Users; Image Optimization, WebP, Lazy Load; CSS/JS Combine, Minify, Critical CSS...

All-in-One Acceleration Solution

A free and open source WordPress plugin. It communicates with your installation of LiteSpeed Web Server and LSWS's built-in page cache to dramatically reduce page load times.

With advanced cache-management tools and optimization features, LSCWP is an all-in-one site acceleration solution. It's the only optimization plugin you need!

With LiteSpeed, your site can employ the best practices that make for a high PageSpeed score, and - more importantly - an exceptional user experience.

liteSpeed all in one web acceleration solution for wordpress

Why Should You Use LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress?

The LiteSpeed Cache plugin is so much more than a cache-management plugin. It's packed with a variety of features designed to deliver superior performance to your WordPress sites.

  •  Server-Level Full-Page Cache
  •  Private Cache
  •  Edge Side Includes (ESI)
  •  Image Optimization
  •  Crawler
  •  CSS/JavaScript/HTML Minification
  •  CSS/JavaScript Combination
  •  HTTP/2 Push
  •  Content Delivery Network Support
  •  Browser Cache Support
  •  Lazy Load Images
  •  Database Optimization

litespeed cache for wordpress vs. other cache Plugins


LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress provides powerful cache-management tools that are simply not possible for other plugins to replicate.

This translates into more page requests per second, and superior performance for your WordPress site!

LiteSpeed Cache is Compatible With Your Favorite Plugins

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  • WPML Logo
  • Contact Form 7 Logo
  • Jetpack Logo
  • Yoast Logo
  • WordFence Logo
  • Google XML Sitemaps Logo
  • Ninja Forms Logo
  • NextGEN Logo
  • BBPress Logo
  • divi 3 Logo
  • Avada Logo

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LiteSpeed Cache Works With ClassicPress

ClassicPress, the new business-focused CMS that was forked from WordPress 4.9.x, is growing in popularity. LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress works out of the box with ClassicPress, and should continue to do so for the forseeable future.

If you experience any issues using the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin with ClassicPress, please Contact our support team!

What Do People Say About LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress free?

Yes, LSCWP will always be free and open source. That said, a LiteSpeed server is required, and there are fees associated with some LiteSpeed server editions.

 What server software is required for this plugin?

A LiteSpeed server is required in order to use the caching features of this plugin.

  1. LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise with LSCache Module (v5.0.10+)
  2. OpenLiteSpeed (v1.4.17+)
  3. LiteSpeed WebADC (v2.0+)

Any single server or cluster that includes one of the LiteSpeed products listed above will work.

 What is the difference between the LSCache Module for LSWS (requires a license) and the LSCache Plugin for WordPress (free)?

The LSCache Module is built into your licensed copy of LiteSpeed Web Server. When it comes to caching dynamic content, the LSCache Module does all of the work.

The LSCache Plugin for WordPress is simply an interface. It allows WordPress to instruct the server Module on what to cache, how long to cache it, and when to purge. And it allows the site owner to manage and configure the Module. Without the Module, the Plugin could not function.

A licensed LSCache Module is required in order to use the free LSCache Plugin.

 Does this plugin work in a clustered environment?

The cache entries are stored at the LiteSpeed server level. The simplest solution is to use LiteSpeed WebADC, as the cache entries will be stored at that level.

If using another load balancer, the cache entries will only be stored at the backend nodes, not at the load balancer.

The purges will also not be synchronized across the nodes, so this is not recommended.

If a customized solution is required, please contact LiteSpeed Technologies at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTICE: The rewrite rules created by this plugin must be copied to the Load Balancer.

 Does LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress work with OpenLiteSpeed?

Yes it can work well with OpenLiteSpeed, although some features (such as ESI) may not be supported. Any setting changes that require modifying the .htaccess file will require a server restart.

 Is WooCommerce supported?

In short, yes. However, for some woocommerce themes, the cart may not be updated correctly. Please see this blog post for a quick tutorial on how to detect this problem and fix it if necessary.

 Are my images optimized?

Images are not optimized automatically, but if you'd like to have it done we provide an Image-Optimization function. Find it at LiteSpeed Cache > Image Optimization.

 Does LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress have a crawler?

Yes. The crawler must be enabled by your hosting provider. Once enabled, the crawler can be configured to traverse your site on a regular basis, and re-cache any pages that have expired from cache. Visitors are far less likely to encounter uncached content on a well-crawled site. Pages load fast and deliver a positive user experience.

 How to Install LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress?

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress works right out of the box with default settings that are appropriate for most sites. Please refer to the steps from our How to Install LSCWP page.

 How can I check if LiteSpeed Cache is enabled?

You can check if LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is enabled by using the browser's developer tools. Check out our guide Check if LiteSpeed Cache is Enabled for a step-by-step tutorial.

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