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Our Business

Based in New Jersey, USA, LiteSpeed Technologies is dedicated to enabling a faster Internet and lowering infrastructure costs.

Who We Are

LiteSpeed Technologies was founded in early 2002 by a team of engineers led by George Wang. LiteSpeed's core development team specializes in server software design and has many years of experience in mission-critical software development. LiteSpeed Technologies is proud to still be independent and privately held.

What We Do

The Internet is growing faster than ever, and many large web sites and hosting providers still try to alleviate load problems by simply purchasing additional hardware. This tactic is wasteful and ill-equipped to meet todays traffic needs. LiteSpeed Web Server gets more performance out of existing infrastructure . LSWS's ROI (Return on Investment) value is one of the highest in the industry, allowing users to expand without the hurdle of new hardware.

LiteSpeed Web Server has quickly become an industry leader in terms of performance, scalability, and security. Most important, LSWS is completely compatible with Apache, allowing for a seamless transfer to this more efficient technology. More and more users are beginning to recognize the benefits that this efficiency and ease-of-administration bring and the LiteSpeed community has expanded greatly over the years.

It is time to make the jump to LiteSpeed.

Our Progress


Business Establishment


LSWS Enterprise
Apache Drop-in Replacement
cPanel Integration


HTTP/2 Support
LSCache with ESI


QUIC Support
Zero Config Clustering


LSWS Launched


OpenLiteSpeed Release


Web ADC Released

Our Business

Strategy, Brand, Design, Product experience

Our Team - Work and Play-Even for a typical software developer need time away from the screen. For those times, we have table tennis and snack time so we can continue to focus on our mission.

Our Process - Discover, Design and Deploy

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