Solutions - The Ultimate Acceleration Platform 2018-01-09 16:38:19 LiteSpeed is the ULTIMATE web acceleration solution, improving performance and scalability while providing WAF and DDoS Attack protection. Learn more!

LiteSpeed offers highly optimized pure software solutions that may be deployed on any hardware, virtualization platform, or cloud environment such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services.

Hosting Providers

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LiteSpeed Web Server is the only control panel-integrated drop-in replacement for Apache. Our server and cache solutions allow you to:

  • Cut server load in half and double capacity
  • Reduce CapEx with smaller hardware footprints
  • Increase ROI with higher site to server ratios
  • Build superior premium services using Application Specific Acceleration
  • Reduce operating costs with simple management and configuration

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LiteSpeed Web Server delivers superior performance for your site. Compared to other web servers, deploying LiteSpeed solutions can

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LiteSpeed Web Application Delivery Controller:
State of the Art High Performance Load Balancing

The LiteSpeed Web ADC offers the most advanced web caching acceleration capability available today, and can be deployed to any cloud platform to provide highly available, enterprise scale clusters across distributed data centers. Our out-of-the-box flattened-layer deployment and extensive API yield significant cost and effort reductions while providing the best available acceleration capability.