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Join the LiteSpeed Affiliate Program

Spread the word about LiteSpeed Web Server, and earn money at the same time!

Why Become an Affiliate?

Here at LiteSpeed, we recognize the role that supportive customers and word-of-mouth have played in our success. We'd like to show our appreciation! LiteSpeed affiliates earn 10% on every qualifying referral, and they continue to earn for the life of the license. Now wouldn't you like to get in on that?

  • Free and Fast

    Free and Fast

    It's quick and easy to join up. There's no lengthy wait for approval. Simply sign up and have instant access to your unique LiteSpeed link, and creative banners.

  • Passive Income

    Passive Income

    Our recurring affiliate model generates income while you sleep. Refer a new customer today, and earn 10% of the license revenue for the life of the license!

  • Cash or Credit

    Cash or Credit

    Withdraw your earnings into your PayPal account after meeting a $100 threshold, or apply them to your LiteSpeed account and use them to pay for your own licenses.

How it Works

  • Colorful Banners

    Use our colorful banners or text links to promote any of our licensed products (support services not included).

  • Referral 10% Commission

    Earn 10% commission on the revenue from referred new customer's first order, every month for the life of the license!

  • Commission Keeps After 90 Days

    Earnings are pending for 90 days. After that, if the customer's product/service is still active, the commission is yours to keep.

If the customer uses a coupon, upgrades or downgrades the license, the dollar amount of your commission will be adjusted accordingly.

We're Here to Help

  • Peformance Tracking

    Performance Tracking

    Your affiliate dashboard will show you how you're doing and allow you to monitor clicks, signups, payouts and more.

  • Access to the Team

    Access to the Team

    Through our Slack community, you have access to the LiteSpeed team and other members of the affiliate program. Share ideas and tips!

  • Creative Banners

    Creative Banners

    We design artful banners and helpful links for you to use in promoting our brand on your site.

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By signing up for the LiteSpeed Affiliate Program, you agree to be bound by our Affiliate Terms of Service.