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Ruby on Rails with LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed serves your Ruby content with no passenger module required

Features and Advantages

LiteSpeed’s Ruby LSAPI gem communicates with Rack to bring your Ruby on Rails applications to life. With native support for advanced Rack features, and easy configuration via LiteSpeed’s WebAdmin Console, LiteSpeed Web Server is the frontend server solution you've been looking for!

  • LiteSpeed communicates directly with Rails framework - no Passenger module required.
  • Performs better than any other Ruby SAPI due to native communication through LSAPI.
  • Built-in Process Manager, spawns new Ruby processes based on current load, meaning the CPU-intensive Rails framework initialization only takes place once.
  • Natively supports advanced Rack features, such as RewindableInput.
  • Allows for one-step Ruby on Rails application deployment via LiteSpeed’s WebAdmin Console.

Getting Started

We have a Ruby on Rails web server solution for you, whether you prefer LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server, or our one-click open source cloud image.

Ruby and LiteSpeed

Ruby with LiteSpeed Enterprise

Here’s everything you need to get started with LiteSpeed’s Ruby on Rails solution:

OpenLiteSpeed Ruby on Rail Cloud

LiteSpeed and Rails in the Cloud

Try our prebuilt OpenLiteSpeed Rails application. With one click, automatically install Ruby and Rails along with the open source version of our LiteSpeed Web Server.

LiteSpeed’s Rails image is available on all of the popular cloud platforms, including Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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