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Python WSGI/Django with LiteSpeed

Experience effortless communication between LiteSpeed and your Python app via WSGI

Features and Advantages

Looking for a WSGI frontend web server to handle your Python applications? Look no further than LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed Server API supports Python applications through WSGI, no passenger module required. Leverage LiteSpeed Web Server's optimized coding for the fastest, most flexible Python WSGI/Django support possible!

  • LiteSpeed Server API acts as a bridge between LiteSpeed Server and WSGI.
  • Response time is improved due to native communication through LSAPI without a go-between.
  • Fully supports suEXEC Mode, important for shared hosting.
  • Forks Python processes instead of creating new ones for better efficiency and opcode cache security.
  • Automatically supports WSGI applications when switching from Apache.
  • Allows Python configurations to be changed via web server configuration or .htaccess files.
  • Provides Easy Python configuration via the WebAdmin console.

Getting Started

You can configure our Enterprise solution to work with your Python apps, or use our easy open source web server via one-click cloud images.

Python and LiteSpeed

Python with LiteSpeed Enterprise

Here’s everything you need to get started with LiteSpeed’s Python WSGI/Django solution:

OpenLiteSpeed Django Cloud

LiteSpeed and WSGI in the Cloud

Try our prebuilt OpenLiteSpeed Django One-Click app, which automatically installs Django along with the open source version of our LiteSpeed Web Server. Serve your Python apps up to 2.5 times faster than Django on nginx with Gunicorn!

LiteSpeed’s Django image is available on all of the popular cloud platforms, including Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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