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Node.js with LiteSpeed

Serve your Node.js applications at the Speed of Lite

Node.js is a platform that generally runs as a separate web server. LiteSpeed Web Server acts as a frontend proxy to the Node.js backend via a unix domain socket. This allows you to seamlessly run Node.js applications, like Ghost, on your LiteSpeed-powered sites.

Features and Advantages

  • Communicates directly with Node.js applications - no Passenger module required.
  • Improved response time due to native communication through HTTP and websocket proxies.
  • Allows Node.js applications to offload the serving of static content to LiteSpeed Web Server.
  • Automatically starts Node.js applications.
  • Proxies through Unix domain socket.
  • Features easy setup through LiteSpeed WebAdmin Console.

Getting Started

You can use LiteSpeed as your frontend web server, whether you wish to take advantage of our Enterprise solution or a one-click open source image from one of our cloud partners.

Ruby and LiteSpeed

Node.js with LiteSpeed Enterprise

Here’s everything you need to get started with LiteSpeed’s Node.js solution:

OpenLiteSpeed NodeJs Cloud

LiteSpeed and Node.js in the Cloud

It doesn’t get easier than our OpenLiteSpeed Node.js cloud image. Automatically install the open source version of our LiteSpeed Web Server and Node.js at the same time. Let OpenLiteSpeed serve your Node.js apps up to 4 times faster than nginx!

LiteSpeed’s Node.js image is available on all of the popular cloud platforms, including Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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