QUIC and HTTP/3 Library https://litespeedtech.com/images/logos/litespeed/litespeed-logo.png 2021-02-19 18:53:39 LiteSpeed QUIC (LSQUIC) Library is an open-source implementation of QUIC functionality for servers and clients.
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QUIC and HTTP/3 Library

The LSQUIC Library is a fully functional, actively maintained QUIC and HTTP/3 implementation in the C programming language. Incorporate the same QUIC functionality used by LiteSpeed Web Server and LiteSpeed Web ADC into your own projects.

QUIC and HTTP/3 Library

The QUIC and HTTP/3 Library contains contains both client and server logic as well as fully functional example client and server programs.

In addition to Linux, you can also compile and use the QUIC Library on Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS, and Android. It has also been tested on i386, x86_64, and ARM (Raspberry Pi and Android).

The library is actively maintained. In fact, most of the library’s code is the same code that is used in our flagship LiteSpeed Web Server and Web ADC products, and in the open-source OpenLiteSpeed web server. We are dedicated to keeping the library current, as new HTTP/3 versions are released.

We decided to open-source our code to contribute back to the community. Together, we can all build better software and help each other. Thank you!

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Compression Technologies

  • HPACK Library   Github

    This library implements the HPACK compression used in HTTP/2 and QUIC protocols. Ours is one of the very first implementation of HPACK and we use it in both open-source and enterprise versions of our web server.

  • QPACK Library   Github

    HTTP/3 uses QPACK compression to compress headers. QPACK addresses some of HPACK's shortcomings in the context of HTTP/3 (as HPACK is native to HTTP/2).