LiteMage 1 Cache Tips & Troubleshooting for Magento 1.x

After looking through these troubleshooting tips, if you still can't get LiteMage up and running to your satisfaction, help is available.

Tips and settings available in shared hosting environments.

It is recommended to first deploy LiteMage Cache on a non-production environment for testing/debugging before deploying it on your production site. If you have to test LiteMage on your live site, you can enable LiteMage for only a few IPs during testing. Please disable all other full-page caches as they will likely conflict with LiteMage.

We also offer a paid installation service. This service is fully refundable if we are unable to make LiteMage work for your customized site.

Enabling LiteMage

Site Speed

Cache Issues

Private Cache in Public Spaces

Cache WarmUp

Error Messages

Shopping Cart Issues

Appearance (and Disappearance) Issues

Mobile View

Third Party Interactions and Support


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