How to check if ESI block holes are being properly punched

From LiteMage Extension 1.0.2 onward, you can display holes punched during the ESI process by adding the GET parameter “LITEMAGE_DEBUG=SHOWHOLES”. This is useful for checking if all private blocks are being properly hole punched by LiteMage.

To do this, navigate to System > Configuration > LITEMAGE CACHE > LiteMage Configuration and either set Enable Debug to “Yes” in the “Developer Testing” section under , add your IP address to the list in Enable LiteMage Cache Only for Listed IPs in the same section, or add your IP address to the list in Admin IPs under the “General Settings” section.

You Should now be able to append “?LITEMAGE_DEBUG=SHOWHOLES” to the end of any LiteMage enabled URL and the injected blocks on the page will now be highlighted except for valueOnly blocks.

For example:

Note: If used, it is recommended to set Enable Debug back to “No” when finished.

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  • Last modified: 2016/05/06 14:02
  • by Michael Alegre