Warming the Cache for Customer Groups

When Magento uses customer groups to define different pricing levels, LiteMage can be configured to warm up the cache for each group. To enable this functionality, first create a dummy customer for each group, and then configure LiteMage to crawl on behalf of the dummy users.

Add a customer for each group that you wish to crawl. Your configuration should look similar to the example below, with one for each of the defined customer groups that you want to be warmed up.

Tip: if you put “litemage” in the email address like this administrator has done, it will be easy to find the dummy customers again in the future, if you need to.

Make note of the customer IDs.

Navigate to System > Configuration > LiteMage Configuration > Cache Warm Up and enter the customer IDs, separated by commas, into the Crawl on Behalf of Logged-in Users field, as shown:

From this point on, the cache should be warmed-up for each of the customer groups represented in the list.

After your cache has had a chance to warm up, visit a page as one of your dummy customers and verify that the page was indeed served from cache. If you find that the page is blank, or the pricing is incorrect, there may be one further configuration issue to address. See our troubleshooting page for details.

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