All ESI Blocks (Shopping Cart, My Account, Footer) Are Missing


When enabling LiteMage with some Magento extensions (e.g. HTML minifiers), the ESI blocks are missing. ESI blocks include the shopping cart, my account in the header, and the entire footer.

The correct header should look like:

But instead it looks like:

The correct footer should look like:

But instead it looks like:


These HTML minifying extensions attempt to parse the web page containing LiteMage's ESI tags while being unfamiliar with the ESI syntax, thereby stripping them. For example, <esi:include> and <esi:inline> tags would become <include> and <inline>. These changes would cause the ESI content to not be parsed or processed by LiteSpeed Web Server, which would cause the ESI blocks to disappear.


If you can locate the appropriate HTML minifier extension and disable it, everything should behave normally.

Alternately, you can try the LiteSpeed-specific ESI syntax setting in LiteMage configuration. In Magento Admin navigate to System > Configuration > LITEMAGE CACHE > LiteMage Configuration. In General Settings, set Use Alternative ESI Syntax to Yes. Enabling this setting will change the ESI Syntax used by LiteMage to something only itself and LiteSpeed Web Server are aware of. With the new syntax being used, other extensions should no longer alter LiteMage's ESI tags and your web pages should display properly.

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  • Last modified: 2018/05/02 11:10
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