1. biguprush

    deploying Node.js on litespeed

    Hello I've been looking for days for a solution and now I'm here. The amount of documentation is too little and vague. I have an application in /home/mysite/public_html/application and I'm supposed to access it via when I run the server it should take port 3000 and when I...
  2. R

    JetSearch starts to work normally after I purge all cache in Litespeed plugin

    Hi! Based on the ticket's reply of your support on Wordpress's Litespeed support forum, I had to create seperate ticket on LiteSpeed forum. The problem we’re facing with is that search box by JetSearch plugin stops working randomly (usually after 7 days) on our main language Slovene, it works...
  3. S

    it doesn't activate at all

    Hello everyone, When I try to activate it via Cpanel, it gives an error. When we look at the log records This is how errors are written. We deactivated the Wp Rocket plugin and tried it, but it still didn't work. Our website is
  4. A

    LiteSpeed Extension Causing Errors on Google PageSpeed Test

    Dear LiteSpeed Forums, I installed the LiteSpeed extension on my WordPress site to boost its performance. However, it seems to have caused errors when I ran the Google PageSpeed Test. Could you please help resolve this issue quickly? I need my site to perform well for a seamless user experience...
  5. M

    SSL Configuration Issue with Multiple Virtual Hosts in LiteSpeed

    I’m having trouble configuring SSL for two virtual hosts on an LiteSpeed server. I have set up two virtual hosts, each with its own SSL certificate. My listener on port 443 has the ‘Secure’ field set to ‘Yes’. However, HTTPS requests do not work unless I define an SSL certificate at the...
  6. A

    How to find optimum memory and cpu configuration in php.ini and SAPI on openlitespeed?

    I think litespeed not using all capacitis in my server because my memory and cpu are free and performance is not so good (wordpress is working heavy). Our server hardware for esxi virtual machine configuration with centos7 and openlitespeed is: Memory: 100.83 GB CPU: 24 vCPUs Our software...
  7. J

    litespeed is causing problem with weglot translation plug in? the images are disappearing !

    hallo, I made a ticket to weglot about the problem with litespeed . but to be sure I want to ask also here because it is also litespeed issue. when I enable weglot translation plug in and I clean the cache in chrome or I close the website and reopen it all the images are disappearing and the...
  8. A

    LiteSpeed Cache causing issues on website

    Hello! I have a website build with Wordpress, and I decided to install LiteSpeed to improve its speed. Every time I activate the plugin, the appearance of the pages becomes very poor, and everything is disorganized. When I deactivate the plugin, everything returns to normal, and it looks good...
  9. A

    LiteSpeed is causing issues on my website.

    Hello! I have a website, and I decided to install LiteSpeed to improve its speed. Every time I activate the plugin, the appearance of the pages becomes very poor, and everything is disorganized. When I deactivate the plugin, everything returns to normal, and it looks good again. I tried other...
  10. forumsyair888

    Using only brotli compression

    How can I enable only one compression that is BROTLI , I'm using ubuntu 20.04 already installed LSWS with php 8.1 and using wordpress, by default it will be GZIP compression but I want the default compression to be BROTLI. thank you
  11. M

    Issues with WebP Conversion for WooCommerce Product Thumbnails Using Divi Theme

    Hello, I'm experiencing difficulties with the WebP conversion of product thumbnails on my WooCommerce site that uses the Divi theme. Despite enabling WebP conversion in LiteSpeed settings, some images are not correctly replaced. I'm wondering if there are specific attributes I should be adding...
  12. V

    301 redirection with URL exclusion problem

    Hi. I've been trying to redirect all URLs from an old domain to a new one, except for two specific pages (/contact-form and /about). Here is the code block I have added at the top of .htaccess file just before #Beging Wordpress: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}...
  13. E

    Litespeed gives pdf errors

    So haveI have litespeed installed I get some weird errors when opening/create pdf from a list. For example the create pdf opens up a pdf of the list with products in it, but with the plugin active: and with it inactivated: Tried excluding in cache settings: .*pdf but nothing happens.
  14. K

    Enabling LiteSpeed Guest Optimization got PageSpeed Insight performance Error

    When I enable the Guest Optimization I always got a PageSpeed Insight performance Error. But when it's disabled, I got a low score. I want to enable this just like on my other websites to have a high score in performance but I think, there is a bug on the plugin after WordPress 6.2 is...
  15. P

    Listener for _default_ is not available

    Hi there, 1. I just set up a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 VPS. 2. I have installed LS and CyberPanel via: sh <(curl || wget -O - 3. I have not setup anything else on the server so far. But I still see the following in the LS server...
  16. P

    User, groups and permissons

    Hi there, I have some questions in regards to the proper configuration of LiteSpeed (and CyberPanel): 1. Default LiteSpeed is running as user(nobody) : group(nobody) - do I need to change this? 2. What is the proper user, group and permission to set to the a web-site folder ( including...
  17. A

    Subtotal price and product count in elementor's header cart-menu won't sync

    Hi, the problem I'm facing with is that the Subtotal price elementor's header cart-menu won't sync, after adding product to a cart. You can see it on the screenshot below. But after switching to another subpage, for example on shop, the product count and subtotal price in the header will be 0...
  18. X

    LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimization cdn works fine, but when I press "gather image data" in the image optimization tab, it gives this error img_optm table could not be created! SQL: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `wp40_litespeed_img_optm` () DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci;. img_optming table...
  19. S

    Could I use modsecurity on litespeed(enterprise) and openlitespeed?

    I would like to use litespeed(commercial) or openlitespeed with the WAF(modsecurity). However, in my environment, it seems that litespeed does not load modsecurity rules correctly. I did 2 putterns. >1 openlitespeed with libmodsecurity (I confirmed modsecurity itself was loaded from admin...
  20. R

    Blank sitemap

    i generated sitemap using RankMath Seo plugin but Sitemap is not showing in my website, Even i excluded sitemap form being cache but still problem not solved, now i am loosing google ranking so please help me . when i checked uninstalling litespeed cache plugin, sitemap was showing without any...