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Hi, I am owner of a site named https://www.sarkaritathya.com/ and also running litespeed caching plugin (version 4.4.7). But when I using combine JS and CSS options my site tend to broken. What should be the best fix in this case? Is there any ways to fix this problem without disabling these options. Actually, I don't want to disable these options due to their benefits to improve site loading speed.
I'm Rachmat Ramadhan, a WordPress Web Designer, Content Writer and SEO Practitioner. My passion is not just to make a simple ordinary web design which doesn't pass the Search Engine standards/low rankings. My target to make such business websites, sales page, eCommerce sites, blogs with Keyword Optimized SEO which helps to rank the website in Google Search. Please visit my blog rachmatramadhan.com
My adventures with LSCache and OLS have been met with issues, but when they work, they are oh-so-great!