SSL Configuration Issue with Multiple Virtual Hosts in LiteSpeed

I’m having trouble configuring SSL for two virtual hosts on an LiteSpeed server. I have set up two virtual hosts, each with its own SSL certificate. My listener on port 443 has the ‘Secure’ field set to ‘Yes’.

However, HTTPS requests do not work unless I define an SSL certificate at the listener level, which isn’t ideal because the server only serves the certificate for one of my virtual hosts when I do this. If I configure the SSL at the virtual host level, which should be the correct practice (since I want each virtual host to serve a different certificate using SNI), the HTTPS version of my websites doesn’t load at all.

So in summary currently my listener listens on port 443 with field secure set to yes and my virtual hosts set correctly with their respective SSL configurations. It seems that Virtual Host level SSL doesn't work at all and just listener level SSL works.