1. A

    Changes made won’t save How to change PHP setup

    Hello, I recently tried out litespeed and the result is mind blowing, but there are couple issues I’m facing. some changes made won’t update.. and it’s affecting changes made In rank math admin page. On litespeed plugin, I can’t turn off cache wp-admin, I can’t turn on object cache either...
  2. Y

    WooCommerce, LiteSpeed cache and Mini Cart

    Hi, I'm having some trouble with the mini cart that stay cached with Ls Cache. I'm using WooCommerce and the MiniCart widget on my left menu (so always displayed). The MiniCart remains cached empty at 0 when I'm adding a product. I have the sliding drawer opening from the right when I'm adding...
  3. A

    Litespeed Cache Headers

    We have just migrated from Apache to Litespeed and we are seeing a huge speed improvement of our websites already but we want to migrate to also having Litespeed cache. The problem is I've edited our WHM settings as below, but I'm always getting the header response of no-cache as shown below...
  4. S

    LSC Cache is being cleared regularly - no idea how...

    Hi We took over a website for a client. They have a number of plugins on there in WordPress, one of which is a plugin to udpate the Stock on products, via WP Import All Pro. Our hosts are running a crawl and it caches the site. But then at regular internals something happens, products are...
  5. A

    Litespeed plugins

    I am using wordpress sites, I run E-com business I installed Litespeed cache plugins. when i click purge all and hit the site from browser its take too long After that its working fine. 1st-time it take too long to get the response from server.
  6. N

    Litespeed Context URI="/" but allows for URI "/static/" to be served by Static instead

    I want my Proxy to not serve Static, but still serve "/" ... how do I do that? I tried setting Proxy to: /^(?!\/static\/).*?$ This does a negative look-ahead to ignore any /static/ urls but I think it's crashing my test server -- lots of lag when I use this setting
  7. H

    Does LiteSpeed cache country specific files?

    Hi, does LiteSpeed cache specific files for different countries? In my WooCommerce store I am using a plugin that sets the correct taxes depending on which country the visitor is from. But to make this plugin work with a caching plugin, the page cacheing plugin needs to be able to cache one...
  8. V

    Is it possible to make a cache that is only used once for each user? only First access

    Hi, I want a cache similar to “guest mode” but it will be used only once on the page, just to load the page for the user, after the user loads the homepage for the first time, the cache will be disabled for him, but it continues enabled for another user who has not loaded the page once. Is it...
  9. LuigiMdg

    Purge Cache at 00 o'clock

    Salutations, as the title suggests, would it be possible to trigger those 3600 seconds exactly at **: 00:00..? Thanks in advance to anyone who will take a moment to answer me.
  10. A

    Best configutation for maximum performance onle 1single domain

    Hi Our server runing Direct admin and I asked them to help me here Now will ask you , and please help me. newly we purchase litespeed ent for our server The hardware : Core i7 4790 240GB SSD + 1TB Sata 32 Gig Ram Cache 8MB I was installed the Memcached and Redis and I used the litespeed...
  11. A

    Logs in Litespeed folder / dev/sda2 is 100 percent full

    Hi Last night , my server was crashed and show me the error 500 and in my logs I saw there was problem to renew the SSL , and UsmanNasir told to someone to upgrade cyberpanel I did and failed because I found there were no free space with df -h I found the dev/sda2 is 100 percent full and with...
  12. A

    Using LS Crawler, x-qc-cache: miss

    I’m using Lightspeed Cache plugin for Wordpress and Quic Cloud CDN. Everything seems to be set correctly on both ends. Crawler successfully crawls and caches site every 11,000 seconds. However, I am getting x-qc-cache: miss for first visit. Then, second visit is lightning quick with a “hit.” I...
  13. R

    Blank sitemap

    i generated sitemap using RankMath Seo plugin but Sitemap is not showing in my website, Even i excluded sitemap form being cache but still problem not solved, now i am loosing google ranking so please help me . when i checked uninstalling litespeed cache plugin, sitemap was showing without any...
  14. A

    Reduce initial server response time is so high

    Hi, The first time page took so many time to load as when I checked the speed test tool it shows the TTFB is high. Please check the attached screenshots and please let me know is there any solution to fix the speed issue. Thanks,
  15. A

    litespeed cache causing search engines to display older content in results

    hello,i am using litepeed for my woocommerce website.when i search my website in google it shows just another wordpress site and some old content in search result,i have indexed my website with google search console still shows the same result.Then i tried clearing the cache and purged all the...
  16. vahid07

    Cache Problem On Backend of Joomla

    Hi, i enabled LSCache globally on my server (directadmin+openlitespeed). but theres problem with cache on backend of joomla site (joomla 3.10). on publish articles,save setting,login,logout... . all thing have problem according to new cache method because all page cached. so it seems first...
  17. G

    No way to clear LSCache cache since about v.6.0 rolled out

    It seems there is literally no support for a paid product which is kind of a shame as I now have to write this again after submitting it via the contact form weeks ago and getting no response whatsoever. The issue is that the very simple custom implementation of a cache clearing php script we...
  18. K

    Is it the good cache hit/miss ratio ?

    Could you please check the snapshot. Is it fine or some issue.
  19. I

    Issues with cache and WHMCS

    Hi, I tried using the LiteSpeed Cache on my WHMCS site, its using a WHMCS template as well. So i was trying to enable cache on this, when i noticed some issues, like users not really getting logget out when pressing log out (it says log out, but when they hit login, they just get logged back...
  20. G

    Simple ajax chat wp plugin cache problem

    I have a frustrating problem with simple ajax chat wordpress plugin. When am trying to create a page with a livechat shorcode and i also need to use cache. But when i enable cache the ajax live function of the chat does not work. Does anyone has any suggestions? i use lightspeeed cache with...