Changes made won’t save How to change PHP setup


I recently tried out litespeed and the result is mind blowing, but there are couple issues I’m facing.

some changes made won’t update.. and it’s affecting changes made In rank math admin page.

On litespeed plugin, I can’t turn off cache wp-admin, I can’t turn on object cache either.

I disabled the plugin cleared its table in wp-options table. Then I reactivated it.. tried to make the changes but it still won’t work.

I’m lost right now.. but I found this online .

“The issue in our case was a setting in Server - PHP - Run On Startup. When setting up Litespeed Enterprise Web Server, we followed some instructions in the Litespeed documentation on how to set up LSWS to work alongside opcache. Part of those instructions involved putting the server into Daemon Mode but doing that does depend greatly on whether you are operating a dedicated server or a shared hosting environment.”

“The Litespeed team have explained that the setting at Server -> PHP -> Run On Startup should either be blank or "Yes (Detached Mode)".

My litespeed web server is free .. I can’t find the option to change the setup. I canceled it and tried getting the free package again hoping to start the setup all over .. but I didn’t see any of such.

Please how do I fix this?
There is no free LiteSpeed Enterprise web server. Only OpenLiteSpeed is free, so please verify which version do you use. If it is OpenLiteSpeed use OLS support forum instead. This forum is for LiteSpeed Enterprise only.
Thanks for your reply.. I got that resolved by increasing some php values.

However, I noticed another error.. what’s shown to me as a logged in user is quite different from what visitors see.

To me, I can see the sticky menu website logo while scrolling.. also Twitter urls automatically changes to the posts/tweet in website.

But for visitors, the menu and logo is not sticky.. Twitter urls won’t display the media. Only shows the written texts.

How do I set it to show as it is to me, a logged in user, to visitors too. Or enable this options for visitors. I’m using the litespeed cache plugin.