Cache Problem On Backend of Joomla


i enabled LSCache globally on my server (directadmin+openlitespeed). but theres problem with cache on backend of joomla site (joomla 3.10). on publish articles,save setting,login,logout... . all thing have problem according to new cache method because all page cached. so it seems first important thing is backend of joomla (https// not be cache. i try to add /administrator/ to exclude url in lscache component but it dont work. theres no any option to exclude users group (like wp plugin) or backend cache completly. so what can i do? please guide.

Thank you
i changed httpd-lscache.conf to this:

module cache {
    ls_enabled          1

    checkPrivateCache   1
    checkPublicCache    1
    maxCacheObjSize     10000000
    maxStaleAge         200
    qsCache             1
    reqCookieCache      1
    respCookieCache     1
    ignoreReqCacheCtrl  1
    ignoreRespCacheCtrl 0

    enableCache         0
    expireInSeconds     3600
    enablePrivateCache  0
    privateExpireInSeconds 3600

and install joomla plugin (and its enable with default) and insert this code in .htaccess of that:

<IfModule LiteSpeed>
CacheLookup on
and the graceful restart the OLS. but i cant see lscache header in page and also result of test is :LSCache is not supported

so whats the problem?!

** amazing issue is i installed wordpress in a new directory of my joomla site and then enable lscache form "directadmin LWS plugin" and it show lscache head !! result of for it is :
LSCache is supported
LiteSpeed cache is a hit


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a ticket asscicated with this issue and should have been fixed. OLS server level setting is correct( should not enable cache from server). Added virtual host level cache root/cache settings for better control. The Joomla plugin has incorrect settings to disable cache, clear these settings and cache works fine now.
hello i have the same problem
can you explain more about clear setting in plugin ? (i just install it, no pecific configuration)
need to update ls cache in serveur ?


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"clear setting in plugin"- set everything back to newly installed settings and only set enable cache to yes.
If you are not sure, just uninstall the plugin and reinstall it back, enable cache to yes.