1. A

    Pointing multiple domains to virtual host

    I'm wondering if someone can help me with this. I have tracking software running on a domain called This is hosted on a self-managed LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise; no control panels, such as c-pannel, are installed. I want to use a custom domain to keep the original...
  2. M

    SSL Configuration Issue with Multiple Virtual Hosts in LiteSpeed

    I’m having trouble configuring SSL for two virtual hosts on an LiteSpeed server. I have set up two virtual hosts, each with its own SSL certificate. My listener on port 443 has the ‘Secure’ field set to ‘Yes’. However, HTTPS requests do not work unless I define an SSL certificate at the...
  3. Defacto

    How do I edit APVHost Virtual Servers?

    How do I edit APVH_Default, APVHost1, and APVHost2 in LSWS Admin Console? When I deactivate these VHs, I get a 403 Forbidden messsage in browser when visiting IP address. Even though I've manually made my own VH, and it's the only one running, I still get a 403 Forbidden error. (UFW and cloud...
  4. S

    how make a reverse proxy by config files

    we have a centos 7 server with litespeed as webserver now I want to make a reverse proxy to direct incomming requests from to localhost:4000 first where is litespeed virtual host config files ? then: what config do I need to apply in those files ?
  5. J

    use PHP7.4

    I have installed PHP74 on the server from repo other than LSPHP. I would like to set up a virtual host to use PHP74. How can I set this up using external app or any other method? NB: I am using LSnative admin panel to setup virtual host. Thanks in advance!
  6. J

    How to access Virtual hosts with ip?

    I setup the virtual hosts with "name based virtual hosting" and are working properly while typing the domain names in browser. I would like to access virtual hosts by calling IP. How can I do that? Thanks!
  7. D

    Open Litespeed multiple https sites configuration

    Hi all, i have 2 different sites that should be configured in open LiteSpeed. I've created 2 virtualhost, one for each site. In each virtual host i've configured the SSL certificate. (SSL tab) Then, i've created the listener ( port 443, secure = yes ) and i've mapped the two virtualhost on it...