1. A

    QUIC and HTTP/3 troubleshooting

    Hello Merry Christmas to you I read this,is%20no%20configuration%20change%20required. then for troubleshooting, I followed this...
  2. M

    SSL Configuration Issue with Multiple Virtual Hosts in LiteSpeed

    I’m having trouble configuring SSL for two virtual hosts on an LiteSpeed server. I have set up two virtual hosts, each with its own SSL certificate. My listener on port 443 has the ‘Secure’ field set to ‘Yes’. However, HTTPS requests do not work unless I define an SSL certificate at the...
  3. B

    LiteSpeed NodeJS SSL config

    I am running litespeed nodejs and trying to setup SSL with certbot, following the directions here: Those directions tell you to use certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/html/ -d -d...
  4. E

    One SSL listener - mulitple SSL Virtual Hosts

    Hi there! I'm facing an oddity when using multiple vhosts each with its own SSL certificate. I find it strange that you have to set a SSL certificate in the SSL listener while you are setting SSL certificates in Virtual Hosts anyway. I would expect that only one setting either in the SSL...
  5. Y

    SSL doesn't work anymore

    My server created from Google Cloud image and the server has been running fine. Today, I suddenly found that the ssl service of the website cannot be accessed normally. When I accessed my website by chrome the browser displayed the message like 'NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID, This server...
  6. R

    Third Party SSL - The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers

    Hi Everyone, I have not come across this problem before and I believe I have setup the SSL according to the instructions I have found online or within this forum. Unfortunately I am still getting the following error The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers. You may need to install an...
  7. J

    IE11 SSL not working even with ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA enabled

    Hi, A customer with IE11 / Windows 8 is asking for SSL support. So I followed the instructions from this page: My Apache Global Configuration SSL Cipher Suite was AES256+EDH so I updated it to AES256+EDH:ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA to enable old...
  8. M

    Not able to install Let's Encrypt SSL on AWS EC2 instance

    I have Installed WordPress powered by Lightspeed through Amazon AWS EC2 After Configured EC2 Instance, I Logged into Putty SSH and Connected my Domain to the Litespeed Installation by selecting Commands YES/NO I have selected YES when The Command asked for Let's Encrypt SSL. But everytime it...
  9. 0

    SSL not working

    I've installed OpenLiteSpeed + WordPress from this Docker build, on an AWS EC2 instance. I managed to get WordPress working. But the SSL install, using ACME as that page describes, didn't work. ubuntu@ip-172-31-2-130:~/ols-docker-env$...
  10. J

    General questions about DNS / Domain Management [How to connect a domain with lightspeed]

    Hi all, I hope my question is not too stupid- But I'm struggling with this since some days. My question is, how I properly connect a Domain from [VENDOR A] with my VM running on [VENDOR B]. In my case- vendor A is Strato. I'v bought a domain from them - Let's call the domain:
  11. sibipaul

    How to Renew Let's Encrypt SSL Through Litespeed Ent?

    Hi, Recently I Installed Litespeed Ent to Learn, in a Server. I issued SSL through the dashboard. There is no option to View the Certificate or Renewal... Can you please guide me to renew it through the Dashboard. if there is no option in the dashboard, then help me to renew it...
  12. G

    SSLCipher override

    Hello, A customer has requested a cipher list that doesn't show any WEAK ciphers at the Qualys SSLabs test. I configured one in httpd.conf and it should work fine, however, LiteSpeed is adding ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA even though I don't have it in my list: 2019-09-25 20:24:01.153263 [NOTICE]...
  13. eva2000

    What am I missing to enable multi-SSL certificates for RSA/ECDSA in LSWS 5.4 ?

    In LSWS 5.4 i have enabled multi-SSL certificates httpd_config.xml set with <sslEnableMultiCerts>1</sslEnableMultiCerts> <tuning> <eventDispatcher>best</eventDispatcher> <maxConnections>100000</maxConnections> <maxSSLConnections>100000</maxSSLConnections>...
  14. sibipaul

    How to Force http to https in AWS WordPress Package by Litespeed?

    Hello, I am New Here... So, Kindly Read this Post and Try to Answer me... I'm New to Litespeed & Openlitespeed ( not even know the difference between ) :) Installed WordPress Package through Amazon AWS EC2 - After Configured EC2 Instance...
  15. ProactiveCode

    Configuring multiple SSL certificates/listeners for various Virtual Hosts

    I've recently configured a default SSL listener (over port 443) which is mapped to a virtual host and an associated SSL certificate. This works as planned and the traffic to the site I've mapped to that default listener is encrypted. However, I needed a second SSL certificate for another site...
  16. R

    [solved] Transfers stalling over SSL with Chrome on macOS

    This one has plagued us for a while, but I haven't been able to hone in on the specific problem. Only recently have I dialed in a specific, repeatable scenario that causes problems. What we're seeing Using Chrome on macOS, begin to transfer these two videos hosted by our LiteSpeed server by...
  17. A

    https/ssl apache migration

    Hello, Is there an automatic way to migrate all Apache virtual domains configs, including SSL keys, etc...? Thank you!