[ Solved ] GPSI Score get down after migrated to VPS

Hi, I'm very new to Litespeed and this is my very first thread at Litespeedtech. I'm trying to improve my website's overall performance. I just migrated my server from Fastcomet to Vultr with Cyberpanel. But after migrating it to Vultr, the GPSI score gets down. I have improved my website score for Desktop view but unable to improve it for mobile view. Before migration, on the Fastcomet server, my website performance was terrific. It was 99/100 for mobile and 100/100 for desktop. Can anybody please help me to understand what causes to damage my website performance?

You may check the result here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https://fastoweb.com/&tab=mobile

Thanks for the help!
Since version 4.0+, the cache plugin has some features to improve the mobile score. You can upgrade/downgrade it from LSCWP>Toolbox > Beta Test > and click the master button.

Feel free to post on https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/litespeed-cache/ for further LSCWP questions, let us know if it helps.
First of all thanks @Unique_Eric for your help and suggestion. I have upgraded LSCWP to 4.1 but still, the score is same. You may also check on your own on GPSI, my website link is https://fastoweb.com/
@Unique_Eric I have tested it again after few minutes it's improved but mobile results are fluctuating so much some times it shows 100/100 and some times 87/100, on the other side results for desktop is stable 100/100 or some times 99/100. Why it is fluctuating so much for mobile-only? Can we control it?


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It's a question for google page speed, if they measure the mobile e.g. in 4G real network, then it's possible for you to get different results.