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    Enabling LiteSpeed Guest Optimization got PageSpeed Insight performance Error

    When I enable the Guest Optimization I always got a PageSpeed Insight performance Error. But when it's disabled, I got a low score. I want to enable this just like on my other websites to have a high score in performance but I think, there is a bug on the plugin after WordPress 6.2 is...
  2. Z

    Can we setup WordPress Brute Force Attack Protection on directadmin?

    Hi guys, I was read this manual about Brute Force Protection: can we implement it on directadmin? thanks.
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    High I/O usage on Litespeed Sites

    Hi. I have a shared hosting that has 5 WordPress websites, and they are using Litespeed cache WordPress plugin. But due to high I/O usage, I am getting fault errors on my websites. The max I/O speed is 1024 KB/s (I don't know if this is a good speed limit, let me know please). I contacted my...
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    My /usr/local/lsws/cachedata folder is 70GB

    Hi. My /usr/local/lsws/cachedata folder is 70GB in size, out of 160GB DigitalOcean droplet running Ubuntu 18.04. All the sub-folders are dated two years ago (January 2020) and I just want to know if it is safe to delete them all. Thank you for your time and effort. Cheers.
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    Reduce initial server response time is so high

    Hi, The first time page took so many time to load as when I checked the speed test tool it shows the TTFB is high. Please check the attached screenshots and please let me know is there any solution to fix the speed issue. Thanks,
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    [ Solved ] GPSI Score get down after migrated to VPS

    Hi, I'm very new to Litespeed and this is my very first thread at Litespeedtech. I'm trying to improve my website's overall performance. I just migrated my server from Fastcomet to Vultr with Cyberpanel. But after migrating it to Vultr, the GPSI score gets down. I have improved my website score...
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    Litespeed wordpress clustering without Litespeed Web ADC

    Hi folks, I plan to host my wordpress application in cloud with 2 AWS EC2 instances. Each EC2 instance will have Litespeed web server enterprise and LSCWP module installed. I will use the load balancer provided by the cloud provider instead of Litespeed Web ADC. May I know what are the...