Need some hand holding/reassurance on lsapi

Hi all,

So I have just recently upgraded a server to Litespeed. I am using Centos, Cpanel, Cloudlinux, Litespeed.

I am looking to (obviously) get the best performance possible from my server and was making enquiries on how to do that. It was brought to my attention that I am currently using CGI to server php files and that I can use lsapi.

Now this is were I get confused. Is lsapi effectively using Litespeed? But I have Litespeed installed why isn't lsapi installed and actively serving php? I believe there is both a CloudLinux lsapi and a Litespeed lsapi? As I understand it CloudLinux is a Lite version. I believe that this is the version that would be installed if I selected the EasyApache4 auto configuration.

So I guess my question is...are..
  1. Is the Litespeed lsapi a better choice then the CloudLinux lsapi?
  2. How do I install and activate the Litespeed?
  3. What other caching/performance should I be implmenting? ie Opcache/ Memcache/ Memcached/ other?
Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.


Thanks for the help.

However I am still confused. Cpanel told me that php was being served by CGI. If I go to MultiPHP Manager -> PHP Handlers all PHP versions are set to CGI and if I go to edit I can only select CGI. No other options are present.




Staff member
CGI is correct and these settings are for apache, LSWS will automatically use lsphp at any time. You can create phpinfo to verify.