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    Random 503 error

    Hello. We use Cloudlinux with ISP Manager 5 Bussines (shared hosting control panel) and Apache in prefork mode with LSAPI. We get random 503 errors on many sites (about 100). Currently, Cloudlinux support can't resolve this problem. We see errors in error log: [Fri Jun 26 16:43:44.466318 2020]...
  2. T

    Solution to /tmp/ Mount Filling Up and Breaking Litespeed

    All, I'm running cPanel, CloudLinux, and Litespeed. I recently started having an issue where the ~4GB /tmp/ mount would fill up completely, and break Litespeed, and other pieces of my server. These files would be created in the /tmp/lshttpd/ directory, and be named similar to core.52890. These...
  3. R

    Need some hand holding/reassurance on lsapi

    Hi all, So I have just recently upgraded a server to Litespeed. I am using Centos, Cpanel, Cloudlinux, Litespeed. I am looking to (obviously) get the best performance possible from my server and was making enquiries on how to do that. It was brought to my attention that I am currently using...
  4. wpf

    Confused with PHP Selector settings Litespeed With Cloudlinux

    Hi all, I hope to find enlightenment from here with a setting that confuses me, please understand I am still learning. After reading at but I am still not sure what to do. The server uses cloudlinux...