1. lclarke

    LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.38 Now Available

    Announcing: LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.38 This release consists of bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [BUGFIX] If program crashes, automatically rebuild databases to avoid infinite loop. Cheers!
  2. lclarke

    LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.37 Now Available

    Announcing: LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.37 In this release: Improved reporting, bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [IMPROVEMENT] Report reason why a listener won't start correctly (like "Address already in use"). [BUGIX] Detect when DB CAS or SASL settings don't match configuration and rebuild database...
  3. lclarke

    LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.36 Now Available

    Announcing: LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.36 RELEASE LOG: [FEATURE] Add Ubuntu support to lsmcd cPanel install. Cheers!
  4. H

    Excluding WooCommerce session from the cache?

    Hello, I am trying to understand if I need to exclude "_wc_session_ " from Memcached. I am building a WooCommerce store, and I have installed LiteSpeed caching plugin, LiteSpeed Memcache (LSMCD) Object Cache and Quic Cloud CDN on my site. When I read these 2 articles...
  5. lclarke

    LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.33 Now Available

    Announcing: LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.33 This release consists of bug fixes and more. RELEASE LOG: • [BUGFIX] Detect when the SHM reports file size: 0 and rebuilds the database. • [UPDATE]: cPanel interface uses the newest lsmcd icon...
  6. lclarke

    LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.31 Now Available

    Announcing: LiteSpeed Memcached v1.4.31 RELEASE LOG: [BUGFIX] Fix bug where systemd will take down LSMCD when it tries to recover after a crash. This will make systemd's status misleading - use `ps -ef|grep lsmcd` as the method to determine if lsmcd is running...
  7. I

    Does LSCache for Drupal handle *all* Drupal caches?

    Hello. I'm looking into migrating to Litespeed+LSCache on Drupal. Our current setup is apache+php-fpm, memcached, APCu. Memcached is set as our default cache backend and we have it assigned specifically to handle render and dynamic page cache bins. APCu is set to handle the boostrap, config...
  8. D

    Unable to set Object Cache (Redis and Memcache) settings on WordPress Multisite

    I can't set Object Cache on WordPress Multisite. I want to set the Redis and Memcache settings. My multisite is very slow despite only 2 subsites created, but other sites without multisite run very fast.
  9. J

    Assigning individual memory for users in LSMCD

    Hi, I would like to know how to assign different levels of memory for users (say 256MB for one,512MB for other)in LSMCD rather than using a general pool. I see there are no official documentation of Litespeed regarding this. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in Advance!
  10. A

    LSphp73 does not load Memcached extension.

    Hi i'm not able to activate the memcached extension for lsphp73. system: Debian 9 LiteSpeed V7.5 Lsphp73-memcached memcached. Memcached is active, with listening port 11211 file memcached.ini installed /usr/local/lsws/lsphp73/etc/php/7.3/mods-available file installed in...
  11. R

    Need some hand holding/reassurance on lsapi

    Hi all, So I have just recently upgraded a server to Litespeed. I am using Centos, Cpanel, Cloudlinux, Litespeed. I am looking to (obviously) get the best performance possible from my server and was making enquiries on how to do that. It was brought to my attention that I am currently using...
  12. J

    [solved] PHP 7.2 and memcached

    According to this document this document to install memcached all I needed to do was run the command yum install lsphp56-pecl-memcached lsphp70-pecl-memcached lsphp71-pecl-memcached lsphp72-pecl-memcached I ran that command however when I go to build PHP 7.2 I still am not seeing memcached. I...
  13. tropicalserver

    Compatilibity with Memcached?

    Hello there, Is the Joomla LS Cache plugin compatible with Memcached? Thanks
  14. P

    LSMCD memory issue

    Hi, We're testing your memcached (lsmcd) and got it up and running smoothly. However we are having issues with memory usage. The /dev/shm/lsmcd folder is not the issue as it's barely 200MBs, but the cached processes simply grows until we have to stop and start lsmcd to start fresh (usually...