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I've just recently installed Litemage in my magento demo store (, yet I currently running an issue with ESI - hole punching. When it was implemented with varnish, setting up a ttl=10 within a block solve the issue, however this is not applicable within Litemage.
<block class="Startupwebshop\Baseconfig\Block\OpeningTime" name="header-text-block" before="-" ttl="10" template="Startupwebshop_Baseconfig::header-text-block.phtml" />
I've been searching for documentations, forums post, etc. Most troubleshooting guide only applies for Litemage Magento 1 instead of Magento 2. Instead what I found mostly related to cacheable=false. Yet within the following articles, there isn't any solution how to fix it with hole punching a block. As a matter of fact, it would be easier if within the backend / admin in Magento, there is a field to add which block requires hole punching at a given period.

Sorry if I missed at reading post / documentations somewhere as I am non-backend developer.
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I see the header has "litemage,hit". Which part you want to do hole punch? Can you show a screen shot with the block? With LiteMage on and off. Also why do you only set for 10 secs? that will slow down the whole site.
Hi Lauren.
Yes I have no problem with litemage caching. It works fantastic, however there is a block that I don't want to cache in the header or at least with short ttl of 10 - 60 seconds.

Attached here is the area where I dont want it to cache.
The reason is because there is a php openning time checker (marked with the green dot). PS: It's currently work in progress to be transformed into Javascript. Yet I still think it should have been easier to make this simple block non-cacheable or short TTL time.



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I have joined the slack channel and I will still post the updates here upon how to resolve the issues (when I found / figure out the solutions).