1. W

    wp_enqueue_style not work with ESI

    Hello, I have a shortcode in my plugin that loads CSS files using the following code: if (!defined('MY_PLUGIN_URL')) define ('MY_PLUGIN_URL', plugin_dir_path(__FILE__)); if (!defined('MY_PLUGIN_BASE')) define ('MY_PLUGIN_BASE', plugin_dir_url(__FILE__)); $styles = array( 'tgl' =>...
  2. H

    how to prenevent post update time and DL count from cashing

    in my site, I have some sections like post update time and DL count. these sections must return real value. for them, I used from ESI block by PHP code. add below code in my function.php file: add_action('litespeed_esi_load-esi_last_update', 'esi_last_update_esi_load'); function...
  3. T

    Best Cache Configuration for WordPress Membership Site with Dynamic Nav Menu

    Hello, I'm running a WordPress membership site with a dynamic navigation menu (By role). I understand that the [Cache Logged-in Users] option exists, but it seems really inefficient to cache multiple posts and pages for 150+ users (Caching by role would be much better). Is there any way to...
  4. A

    Add new ESI Block - no show all addons

    I have installed litespeed cache in prestashop, but when I am going to add a new block it does not show me the addon I want. How can I make it show in the addon's list?
  5. M

    litespeed public cache no plugin with ESI

    hi i want to show current time in my cached pages so i create ESI tag for display time in my html page <esi:include src="/time.php" /> in time.php file there a simple script that print time <?php echo date("Y/m/d H:i:s"); ?> and in my .htaccess, i write the following codes RewriteCond...
  6. L

    Magento2 Litemage No Cache Block

    I've just recently installed Litemage in my magento demo store (, yet I currently running an issue with ESI - hole punching. When it was implemented with varnish, setting up a ttl=10 within a block solve the issue, however this is not applicable within Litemage. <block...
  7. Àlex Miras

    Display problems with ESI enabled modules

    I have display problems with some modules if they are rendered as ESI: This is the same module none ESI rendered and how is supposed to look: This particular module is EU e-Privacy Directive, and it's one that you can't cache, but I found similar issues with other popular Joomla plugins...
  8. R

    Hole Punch on Div tag

    Hi, My client is currently using litemage for magento. They have a plugin to add badges to images in magento. We wanted these badges not to be included in the cache and to apply a hole punch to them. We have ready through the documentation but it is referring to custom blocks and these badges...