magento 2

  1. S

    LiteMage and LScache

    Hello everyone. I currently have a LiteSpeed server license (unlimited memory, 2 workers) with LScache. Now I want to have LiteMage option for Magento. But many sites on the server use LScache - LiteMage have LScache options?
  2. A

    Invalid Token in magento 2.4.2 version

    Hello Team, I installed this module on magento2.4.2 CE version. Now I am trying to reindex via command line and getting error like Invalid token. When I am disabling the Litespeed module than reindexing working fine. you can see this screenshot I am sure this is coming...
  3. lclarke

    LiteMage for Magento v2.1.6 Now Available

    Announcing: LiteMage for Magento v2.1.6 In this release: faster load time for non-cacheable pages, and more! RELEASE LOG: Update: Improved load time for non-cacheable pages by reducing unnecessary log generation when debug is off. Update: Improved third-party module compatibility - do not...
  4. J

    (Solved) Cache Warmer in LiteMage in Magento 2

    Hello, Could you clarify if there is a cache warmer in LiteMage in Magento 2? I can't see the config / docs for this so would just like to clarify whether this is possible to configure. Magento 2 Quick view Magento 2 Hide Price Many thanks.
  5. lclarke

    LiteMage for Magento v2.1.1 Now Available + Crawler Script Update

    Announcing: LiteMage for Magento v2.1.1 In this release: custom vary, guest mode, crawler script improvements, and more! RELEASE LOG: LiteMage2 2.1.1 NEW FEATURE Added support for CustomVary. NEW FEATURE Added Guest Mode to allow serving first visit from cache, then refresh to show the proper...
  6. T

    [solved] Invalid Header Magento 2.2.2 [Php7.1] [LSv5.2.8]

    Hello, We're facing an issue in SSH with the output whenever we try to run command lines like: ./ or php bin/magento cache:flush The system does not fully recompile. Though on front end seems to not show issues. This error has happened suddenly, and we have not upgraded or...
  7. lclarke

    LiteMage for Magento v2.0.10 Now Available

    Greetings! LiteMage for Magento v2.0.10 is now available. In this release: easier to understand statistics, bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [BUGFIX] CLI Purge: Now uses curl directly to avoid [Zend_Http_Exception] "Invalid header line detected" error from ZendHttpClient when parsing HTTP/2 headers...
  8. L

    Magento2 Litemage No Cache Block

    I've just recently installed Litemage in my magento demo store (, yet I currently running an issue with ESI - hole punching. When it was implemented with varnish, setting up a ttl=10 within a block solve the issue, however this is not applicable within Litemage. <block...
  9. lclarke

    LiteMage for Magento 2 v2.0.7 Now Available

    Greetings! LiteMage for Magento 2 v2.0.7 was released today. In this release: improved compatibility with latest Magento 2.2.0 and 2.2.1.. Full release log: Fixed an exception showing on cache management screen by replacing \Magento\Framework\HTTP\ZendClientFactory with...
  10. M

    Installing magento 2 with litespeed

    Hi I want to install magento 2 with litespeed webserver I was using nginx and I used it's config file from here but I am not familiar with litespeed and I don't know how should I configure it, so can you help me? I should add...