1. A

    Changes made won’t save How to change PHP setup

    Hello, I recently tried out litespeed and the result is mind blowing, but there are couple issues I’m facing. some changes made won’t update.. and it’s affecting changes made In rank math admin page. On litespeed plugin, I can’t turn off cache wp-admin, I can’t turn on object cache either...
  2. D

    Error on build php OPENSSL Error 1

    Hello i have the following problem, but how i can fix it. I want to build php 5.3.29. He say openssl error 1. See log file.
  3. M

    Suexec and permissions on fresh install

    So I'm working out the kinks on a fresh LSE install. I have a single domain running a wordpress site on a vps with a clean ubuntu 22/plesk setup. Like many other people, I have some confusion over the optimal permission/ php setup. Wordpress started giving me permission errors when doing any...
  4. Master3395

    MIME type [application/x-httpd-php] for suffix '.php'

    Every now and then i get this type of error in the logs on my OpenLitespeed setup with CyberPanel. Sometimes it shows up for PHP 7.4 and sometimes for 8.1 and 8.2 Not sure why. Php 7.4 is what i mostly use. Any advice? I saw other forum posts, but I have already tried such. MIME type...
  5. goodan

    lsphp cannot run wp-cli

    lsphp can't run wp-cli, error after running: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Undefined constant "WP_CLI\Utils\STDOUT" in phar:///opt/wp-cli.phar/vendor/wp-cli/wp-cli/php/utils.php:1198. Is lsphp running in non-cli mode? Should I use php in the same directory as lsphp to run wp-cli?
  6. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v8.1 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v8.1 In this release: PHP 8.2 compatibility. RELEASE LOG: [Improvement] Compatible with PHP 8.2. Cheers!
  7. ZorzStudios

    Large downloaded zip files are invalid

    Hello, I'm not too technical but trying to find my way around. My photography business started offering downloads from photo galleries hosted on my website. They range 2-6 GB in size (can't be partitioned). The previous shared hosting wouldn't handle it so I migrated to VPS on a LiteSpeed...
  8. V

    Add child process php errors

    Hi, I am getting these errors in a loop. Can you help? Idk what this means and how to fix it? 2022-05-30 23:48:03.510220 [NOTICE] [82466] [AdminPHP] add child process pid: 82995 2022-05-30 23:48:34.031724 [NOTICE] [82466] sendKillCmdToWatchdog: 'extappkill:82995:-3:0'. 2022-05-30...
  9. M

    Fatal process out of memory on try use V8JS in php script with LSServer

    Case: Centros 7, Cpanel + WHM 102.0.17 , LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise 6.0.12, PHP + V8JS. On try enter php page with v8js, LS server return 503 error. /var/log/apache2/stderr.log show this error: # # Fatal error in , line 0 # Fatal process out of memory: Failed to reserve memory for new V8...
  10. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v8.0.1 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v8.0.1 This release consists of bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Address garbled command line parameter showing current running script path. Cheers!
  11. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v8.0 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v8.0 RELEASE LOG: [New Feature] PHP 8.1 support. [Improvement] Better OpenBSD compatibility. [Misc] Clean up compiler warnings. Cheers!
  12. D

    Autoscaling an LSPHP cluster: How to set up External App PHP handler in Web ADC?

    Hi LiteSpeed community, I'm currently exploring ways of getting autoscaling working for a cluster of LSPHP-only worker instances (no LSWS on these), which would handle PHP requests for one or two permanent LiteSpeed front-ends. My initial idea was to put an ordinary LS Web Server (not ADC) in...
  13. A

    Change Subdomain PHP Version 7.3 Doesn't Work

    Hi, community! I tried to change the PHP version via directory using the code below, but it doesn't work. I noticed that it doesn't just work with php 7.3, all the others: 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.4 and even 8.0 works fine. Someone can say me why? Code used: <FilesMatch...
  14. R

    Only images larger than 1 Mb are being compressed

    Hi all! WP only compresses uploaded images larger than 1 megabyte. How do I tell it to compress every image on upload? All content is user generated. They upload photos that are 2 – 4 Mb to posts and comments. All of this gets compressed by LiteSpeed. But, a lot of the images are screenshots...
  15. G

    Best PHP handler for LSWS

    Hi all i am new to LSWS and i am configuring some settings. I have a problem that wordpress wp-admin is very slow with LS cache plugin so after some research some suggested that i have slow php. When i turn of the LS Cache wp admin is very fast. So i had enabled suphp handler and i changed it to...
  16. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.9 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v7.9 RELEASE LOG: [Tuning] Process manager now keeps forked child processes alive for longer based on load, reducing process manager overhead on busy setups. Cheers!
  17. M

    PHP Swoole + litespeed How to

    PHP Swoole + litespeed How to config
  18. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.8, Ruby LSAPI v5.1, and Python LSAPI v1.7 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v7.8 Ruby LSAPI v5.1 Python LSAPI v1.7 RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Make single worker non-prefork mode work properly. (RUBY LSAPI ONLY) [Bug Fix] Correct inaccurate children process tracking. [Tuning] Update log message with more information when possible: Timestamp, UID, PID...
  19. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.7 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v7.7 In this release: a security update, and more! RELEASE LOG: [Security] Fix a missed buffer boundary check. [Improvement] Include UID information in some log entries. Cheers!
  20. L

    Can't install php-pgsql

    Hello, I am trying to install php-pgsql via apt-get install php-pgsql but it gets installed to /etc/php/7.4/mods-available instead than /usr/local/lsws/lsphp73/etc/php/7.3/mods-available/ How can I install php-pgsql so that it gets recognized by the litespeed PHP installation?