1. L

    Can't install php-pgsql

    Hello, I am trying to install php-pgsql via apt-get install php-pgsql but it gets installed to /etc/php/7.4/mods-available instead than /usr/local/lsws/lsphp73/etc/php/7.3/mods-available/ How can I install php-pgsql so that it gets recognized by the litespeed PHP installation?
  2. J

    LSCachec for normal PHP websites

    Hello, what is the best way to enable LSCache for normal PHP websites or for which LSCache plugins are not available? Thanks!
  3. J

    PHP detached mode

    How to check if PHP detached mode is enabled? I am using LSWS along with cPanel in a shared hosting environment. From wiki I read that it will be enabled by default for hosting environment. But on checking the WebAdmin console of the server, the detached mode is "not set" LSWS version is 5.4.3...
  4. J

    Apcu cache not working

    Hello, I have installed and enabled apcu cache for lsphp73. I have a virtual host which is running on lsphp 73 and when I check on apcu dashboard there are no hits found eventhough it is showing as enabled. Please let me know if there is anything else needed to be done in order for apcu to get...
  5. sibipaul

    How to Disable some PHP Function in Lite Speed Ent?

    Hello, Recently I have Migrated my Invision Community Forum Software to My New Litespeed Ent Server. I'm getting a warning in the dashboard every time I logged in. Kindly Help me, how to solve this?
  6. J

    use PHP7.4

    I have installed PHP74 on the server from repo other than LSPHP. I would like to set up a virtual host to use PHP74. How can I set this up using external app or any other method? NB: I am using LSnative admin panel to setup virtual host. Thanks in advance!
  7. ProactiveCode

    Limit simultanious PHP requests accross all virtual servers

    I'm using a 4gb / 2 core Digital Ocean VPS to manage around 30 low bandwidth sites. I've recently installed a Wordpress security plugin (Wordfence), in each installation, so I can use their central dashboard to monitor the security of all sites. The issue I'm having is that when this...
  8. sibipaul

    How to Optimize Litespeed Tuning and PHP Tuning for WordPress in Cyber Panel?

    Sir, Recently I Have Installed Cyber Panel to One of My Clients Website, as Per his Request. His Server is Cent OS 7 + AWS + Cyber Panel Litespeed + WordPress. I would like to Deliver him the best Optimized website. I can see a setting inside the Cyber Panel - Tuning There, Two Options...
  9. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.2 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v7.2 In this release: Improved direct logging, bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [Improvement] Added timestamp when directly logging stderr to file. [Bug Fix] Fixed LSAPI protocol corruption when PHP scripts fork child process. (reported by CloudLinux) [Big Fix] Fixed uninitialized...
  10. WebHostPro

    Couple quick questions about Litespeed and cPanel

    1. When adding Litespeed php72-php-litespeed to PHP via the Easy Apache in WHM does that also add the Apache version or is this just for something in PHP, or does need to be there for the Apache Litespeed to work with PHP? 2. How do you install just the plugin for WHM, the page only has a...
  11. tobiasegli

    Virtualmin with LSWS on centOS 7

    Hello everyone I'm currently setting up my Webserver and decided to also test LiteSpeed. I'm using Virtualmin as my control panel. From there I can configure my virtualhost's which get saved inside the httpd.conf. With the installation of Virtualmin alot of other programs and configurations...
  12. T

    PHP header() being ignored after switching to LiteSpeed webhost

    After moving my websites to a webhost (shared) which uses LiteSpeed it seems PHP header is ignored. ... I have tried these variations: $s = "HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"; $s = "HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found"; $s = "Status: 404 Not Found"; $s = $_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"] . ' 404 Not Found'; followed by...
  13. soaringeagle

    after doing litespeed php compile database won't connect

    after doing the php compile (debugging tried use previous config and use defaults) all sites went down with unable to connect to database errors i use mariadb
  14. M

    Cache Warmer? (PHP)

    Hi Has anyone got a PHP script I can run with cron to warm the ls cache? Screaming frog works well for warming the cache, but I need something free I can automate Thanks Dave
  15. S

    403 Forbidden - CURL Request From Server IP

    Hello, I am facing a problem, I have a file named exec.php, I am executing this file from another PHP file functions.php (On Same Server and Same Server's IP) via CURL and getting response as JSON. So it works pretty well, after 24 hours or sometimes more file starts showing 403 error. And if i...
  16. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.1 Now Available

    Greetings! PHP LSAPI v7.1 was released yesterday. In this release: Improved CRIU support, bug fixes, and more! Full release log: * [FEATURE] allow php_admin_value to override configuration set in php.ini, like open_basedir. * [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug in PHP suEXEC daemon mode that cause...
  17. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.0 Now Available

    Greetings! PHP LSAPI v7.0 was released today. In this release: enhanced process manager, support for CRIU, and more! Full release log: Enhanced process manager. Added CRIU support. Added support for [PATH=] and [HOST=] sections in php.ini...
  18. S

    [Resolved] PHP 5.6.33

    Any idea when we're going to see an update for PHP 5.6.33? LSWS 5.2.3 still shows 5.6.32 as its leading PHP5 version, and a security announcement was released a bit more than two weeks ago about multiple DOS, out-of-bound, and overflow bugs that had been found, requiring an upgrade to 5.6.33.
  19. M

    QUIC doesn't work with PHP 7.2RC6 with LiteSpeed SAPI

    QUIC is not working in PHP 7.2.0RC6 and reverting to HTTP/2 when using the Litespeed SAPI. We don't know why this is. PHP believes this may be the final verison of 7.2.0. The problem does not exist with the latest stable version of PHP 71.11. No settings changed in Litespeed. This has been...
  20. T

    [Resolved] LS cache purge all php script

    In the Wordpress lightspeed cache plugin there is a purge all cache button. I would love to integrate a similar function in a plugin for Craft cms. I already found a solution to purge the cache of a single page...