Add new ESI Block - no show all addons


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I have installed litespeed cache in prestashop, but when I am going to add a new block it does not show me the addon I want.
How can I make it show in the addon's list?



Staff member
Hi Aisac ,

I just saw it and copied from the Prestashop forum.

That list is populated from all of the installed active modules except modules that were added in the custom settings.

It's not easy to set up custom modules without a deep understanding of the inner workings of PrestaShop. Sometimes it requires custom code to make it work.

Our general suggestion in these cases is to try it with the default setup. If the addon and LSCache aren't compatible by default, then you won't be able to use LSCache, unfortunately (unless you know how to customize the addon code).

If you have any more questions, or would like to discuss the specific details of this issue, you can join our Slack community and post a question in #prestashop_cache or you can open a ticket via email to support at litespeedtech dot com.