wp_enqueue_style not work with ESI

I have a shortcode in my plugin that loads CSS files using the following code:
if (!defined('MY_PLUGIN_URL')) define ('MY_PLUGIN_URL', plugin_dir_path(__FILE__));
if (!defined('MY_PLUGIN_BASE')) define ('MY_PLUGIN_BASE', plugin_dir_url(__FILE__));

$styles = array(
'tgl' => 'assets/css/tgl.min.css',

foreach( $styles as $k => $v ){
$r = wp_register_style( $k, MY_PLUGIN_BASE.$v );
$r = wp_enqueue_style( $k );
When I run this shortcode with the do_shortcode() function it loads the css files, but when I use it with the esi option like this: [esi su_user_account_edit ttl="0"] it doesn't load the css files at all
How should forum software know what you are looking for? This forum is not only about cache plugin for WP!
You're right, basically I've been using it for a few years now and just today I ran into a glitch for the first time and that's why I came here. It will take me some time to learn the structure of this huge forum...