Use AWS SSL in Litespeed Ent Without AWS Load Balancer


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I am Using AWS + LiteSpeed + WordPress.

AWS Charging Around 18$ for a Month for ELB. My Blog is a Small Blog So ELB is Not Necessary.

So Paying EC2 Charges are OK, but ELB Charge is Not Good.

I know This Question is Belongs to AWS,

Why do I ask Here?

I am Using EC2 as Just an Instance, But the Software is Litespeed Ent.

If Litespeed has an Option to Bring AWS SSL ( Not the " issue SSL " ) into LS Ent.

Then, I can use AWS Instance Without ELB and Save some money.

is there any way to do that?


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Hi @sibipaul ,

Not sure how to export cert from AWS, if you can just use the let's encrypt from cyberpanel, then let it auto renew for you and it's totally free.
Even you can export cert from aws, you may also want to find a way to auto renew the cert on server.



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You can configure LiteSpeed to use SSL certificate from any vendor. as long as you have the key/cert combination.
You just need to manually update it when the cert is expiring.


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When I CLick on SSL, There is Only Option to issue SSL...

How to bring 3rd party SSL ?

Like Cpanel, is there any option in LS?


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I'm using Litespeed ent

in my Dashboard ( IP:8090), I Could not see those Options ( )

When I Click on the List Websites - I Could not see the Same Options as seen in the Images.

My Page shows Different Options, But there is an Option for " issue SSL "

But, when I CLick on Manage, there is another page Open ( From there I Installed Wordpress to my site )

there few Options ( rewrite rules , add ssl etc )

When i CLick on add SSL, there is two box opens to add CERT and Key

I will Try to Add My Private Certificate There...


I'll post here the results...

Things I am doing next.

Download AWS SSL Certificate from AWS Console

Adding into My Litespeed Ent Dashboard

Disabled my ELB in AWS - Change A Records to the EC2 IP in Route 53 ( Currently its ELB Address )

Change ELB Address in CDN ( CDN origin is Now ELB )

if Everything Works Good, My Site will Load in https without AWS ELB.

if this works, I will create a Video on YouTube " How Litespeed Server Boost My Site Performance and Save a lot money from AWS "



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Creating a New Instance to Test this, is Better than Playing with my Current Instance...


What do you say?


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Yes, it's better to test on a new server instead of playing on live server.

If you want to use your own cert , you can add them in cyberpanel , vhost page , as screenshot.