Locked out of all backends 403

The front end works just fine. (defactocannabis.com). I can't get through on any back-ends. The following ports result in a 403 error: 7080, 8090.

SSH won't connect either.

Everything was working fine all morning, and then I was suddenly blocked. It's definitely the LSWS 403 page I'm getting. So I know the server is working just fine.

I tried everything too. Restoring a server snapshot from last night when everything was working just fine. Turning off multiple firewalls. Trying multiple VPN connections. Trying without a VPN. Restarting this and that, et al.

LSWS just up and blocked me from everything.

The only thing I did that might have made a difference was changing my DNS to quic.cloud, and then going to sleep. I've since reverted my nameservers to ns1.vultr.com and ns2.vultr.com and closed my CDN account. I also renamed /wp-content/plugins to plugins.disabled to make sure the problem wasn't there.

Went out for lunch. Came back. I'm still blocked. 403.

Where do I begin to fix this?


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