litespeed 403

  1. H

    403 Error on post updating wordpress

    Whenever I try to update any post on wordpress I get "403 Forbidden Error" idk why i'm getting this ? i don't able to find any litespeed plugin in cpanel. Some suggested this fix "LiteSpeed WebAdmin from there, go to configuration >> server; there, you can see the option of restricted...
  2. Defacto

    Locked out of all backends 403

    The front end works just fine. ( I can't get through on any back-ends. The following ports result in a 403 error: 7080, 8090. SSH won't connect either. Everything was working fine all morning, and then I was suddenly blocked. It's definitely the LSWS 403 page I'm getting...
  3. P

    Redirect to Litespseed 403 page

    Hi, I've written a strange IP detection script and if such IP is detected, is there a way to redirect to Litespeed 403 page? I want to make the impression that it happened on the server level, not on the PHP level. Any suggestions? Regards, Jaro
  4. A

    403 after making changes .htaccess/Rewrite

    Dear All, Need your kind help to get it resolved, it was all fine i was trying to activate ReWrite activated made a few changes in .htaccess but unfortunately, it started 403 following is the log plz help. TimeLevelMessage 2020-08-15 00:49:25.459112NOTICE [testAndFixDirs]...
  5. E

    403 Forbidden Using Puffin browser

    Hi. I was using puffin browser to do WordPress customisation and suddenly after a while I'm getting 403 forbidden error. Everything is fine on Chrome and other web browsers but on puffin browser I cannot access anything. Is there any workaround for this ? Any kind of suggestion would be...