403 error

  1. L

    403 error even after removing the plugin

    Hi, I'm using wordpress and I get a 403 error (screenshot attached) when I try to save a draft or publish a post. The strange thing is, I keep getting it even after disabling LiteSpeed plugin or even removing it. I uploaded to my server the 403 and 500 HTML pages you suggested in a different...
  2. H

    403 Error on post updating wordpress

    Whenever I try to update any post on wordpress I get "403 Forbidden Error" idk why i'm getting this ? i don't able to find any litespeed plugin in cpanel. Some suggested this fix "LiteSpeed WebAdmin from there, go to configuration >> server; there, you can see the option of restricted...
  3. Defacto

    Locked out of all backends 403

    The front end works just fine. (defactocannabis.com). I can't get through on any back-ends. The following ports result in a 403 error: 7080, 8090. SSH won't connect either. Everything was working fine all morning, and then I was suddenly blocked. It's definitely the LSWS 403 page I'm getting...
  4. E

    SOLVED | SMTP Configuration | Proudly powered by litespeed web server please be advised that litespeed technologies inc. is not a we hosting company"

    Hi everyone, I've try to setup my wordpress website's SMTP settings with Post SMTP plugin. After I start the setup wizard, I've entered the mail adress I would like to send mail as, I've seen an error message like : "Proudly powered by litespeed web server please be advised that litespeed...
  5. S

    403 Forbidden - CURL Request From Server IP

    Hello, I am facing a problem, I have a file named exec.php, I am executing this file from another PHP file functions.php (On Same Server and Same Server's IP) via CURL and getting response as JSON. So it works pretty well, after 24 hours or sometimes more file starts showing 403 error. And if i...
  6. C

    [Solved] PHP 7.1 or 7.2 Gives 403 Error

    I've PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 ready with EasyApache 4. The server is on 7.0 at the moment. But when I select 7.1 or 7.2, I get 403 on all my software. The software support 7.2. I have XenForo 2.0.4 and WordPress 4.9. WHM 70. When I switch to Apache, I get this error: Your PHP installation...