How to access Virtual hosts with ip?


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I setup the virtual hosts with "name based virtual hosting" and are working properly while typing the domain names in browser. I would like to access virtual hosts by calling IP. How can I do that?

Using the WebAdmin Console, go to "Listeners", click your virtual host, and put the IP address in the "Domains" under "Virtual Host Mappings" (the bottom menu)

Or, just edit /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf directly
listener [your virtual host nickname} {
address ...
map, www.yourdomaincom,

Hope it helps...
(p.s: you will break the SSL if you use https)
Is this still valid? How to do it if server having more than 1 virtual host?

I want IP to open website A directly whereas B and C will open via domain name only.