Clear Cache Not Working?

Dear Forum Members,

We have noticed during the past week that Litespeed's cache clearing no longer works or only partially works.

Here are two examples:

1. Shop page:

This is our shop page:

At the top of the screen should be these 4 x products: Experience Box, Eau de Parfum, Reed Diffusers Bell, Reed Diffuser Tower Classic.

When we de-activate Litespeed, these 4 products show at the top of the page.

As soon as we re-activate Litespeed, the first product shown is the Reed Diffuser Refill.

We use Cloudflare and cleared the cache on the Cloudflare website and we have also tried the 'development mode' which bypasses the Cloudflare.

2. Navigation Menu:

This is our home page:

Within the navigation menu should be a menu item called 'information'.

It used to be called 'perfume'.

As you visit a few pages on our site, you should notice how on some pages it shows 'perfume' and in others 'information' in the navigation menu.

Our site is built using Wordpress, WooCommerce, Litespeed WP Cache plugin, Cloudflare, GeneratePress Theme and BeaverBuilder page builder plugin. We are happy to share any other plugins we use, if required.

Does anybody see the same issue? Do you know of a solution or what could be causing the problem?

We look forward to your suggestions.

Many thanks for your help with this.

Kind regards,

Pairfum London
Dear Serpent_Driver,

Our apologies, it was only after posting this support request that we discovered that we posted a) within the wrong forum section here and b) that we should have in fact posted on

Many thanks for your understanding and reply.

Kind regards,

Pairfum London