Best Practice to RUN Litespeed + Cyber Panel in AWS EC2 Instance


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I am New Here... I slowly Learning Things.

I wish to Share Things which I Learned here...

Here You Can See The Method, I used in AWS for All My Instance.

Slowly I am Changing All My Sites to Litespeed.

Without wasting any time, I am here posting the steps which I do in AWS.

1 - Launch EC2 Instance ( CentOS )

After Launch - Stop Instance - Create Snapshot of The Volume - Create New Volume from the Snapshot - Delete Old Volume and Snapshot - Attach New Volume to Instance ( mention root directory ) Mostly its /dev/sda1 for Linux ( can be Different for some situations ) - Start Instance.

Create an Elastic IP - Associate with Your Instance. ( Permanent IP for Instance - FREE when it's associated with an Instance )

NB: This is Good to Avoid Many Future Problems.

2 - Login to SSH

3 - Run
sudo su -
to Change OS to Root

4 - RUN
yum -y update
to Update Instance

5 - Follow This Guide to Install Litespeed -

6 - Everything Else for a Website Can be Done Through The Litespeed Cyber Panel.

This is 6 Simple Steps... But I took Many weeks to Learn this Simple Steps.

NB: Before I was doing many things Wrong :) , Now I follow This...

if you know more Better Ways, Kindly add below... I always love to learn more... :)