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    LiteSpeed Extension Causing Errors on Google PageSpeed Test

    Dear LiteSpeed Forums, I installed the LiteSpeed extension on my WordPress site to boost its performance. However, it seems to have caused errors when I ran the Google PageSpeed Test. Could you please help resolve this issue quickly? I need my site to perform well for a seamless user experience...
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    Removing Unused CSS Code

    Hello, I'm trying my best to optimize my website for performance and the PageSpeed Insights tool of Google showed me that there is a lot of unused CSS code which hinders page load. It's the CSS file at the bottom: Do you have any idea if this is normal and should be...
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    Can Litespeed help to increase First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Meaningful Paint (FMP)?

    First I want to thanks litespeed for the best performance boost for my site since I'm using it I can increase my page load page from 4-7s to 1-3s it seriously an incredible plugin that I found. But I have some question to optimize my score and my user experience in google page insight : Can...
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    How to stop the Cached Min/Cat CSS File from Render Blocking ATF Content

    I mentioned this in another thread, though the topic is important enough to warrant its own thread, imho. So when LSC min/cats the CSS files, it creates one that is stored in the cache. EXAMPLE: The problem is that new file is render blocking above the...