How to stop the Cached Min/Cat CSS File from Render Blocking ATF Content

I mentioned this in another thread, though the topic is important enough to warrant its own thread, imho.

So when LSC min/cats the CSS files, it creates one that is stored in the cache.
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The problem is that new file is render blocking above the fold content.

There does not appear to be any way to actually modify this file or work with it at all
How do we manipulate this file so that it doesn't slow TTFP and create additional round trips for rendering?
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Hi Unique_Eric,

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, Async CSS hasn't worked on any of my sites when using Min/Cat. I followed Hai's instructions as per this thread:

I can either use Push / Async with Critical CSS OR I can use Min/Cat/Push without Async ... either way, I still have CSS blocking the DOM build and resulting in render blocking ATF content. It's brutalizing me on PageSpeed, which I know there's the school of thought who say it doesn't matter (they are Wrong), I'm also getting crushed on Lighthouse scoring. Ultimately, I just want all these features to work and I get the impression that they Do work over at the Litespeed office, just not out here in the wild, at least not for me.