About LiteSpeed Web Server


What License Should I Choose?How to choose a license that fits your needs
Is There a Free Trial?How to get a trial license and related information about trial versions
Can I Migrate My License to Another Server?How to transfer or release existing license so it can be used on another server
Can I Upgrade/Downgrade My License?How to upgrade or downgrade my current license


What's the Easiest Way to Install LiteSpeed?Use our auto-installation script to easily install LSWS on cPanel setups
What's the Easiest Way to Upgrade to a New Version?How to upgrade your LSWS version from the command line
How Do I Start/Stop/Register etc.?Quick Reference for All LSWS Commands
Does LiteSpeed Support Apache Modules?LiteSpeed Web Server uses a different architecture
What Server APIs Are Available?APIs for communicating with third party products
Can PHP Settings Be Changed Through the Server?Changing PHP configurations through the WebAdmin console and .htaccess
Does LiteSpeed Web Server Support JSP/Servlets?Through AJPv13
Does LiteSpeed Web Server Support ASP.net?Through Mono
How Can I Mitigate HTTP-level DDoS Attacks?How to mitigate DDoS attacks with LSWS's security features
How Can I Mitigate SYN Floods?How to harden your kernel against SYN floods
How do I Set Up LSCache?General Guideline for LiteSpeed Cache
Can LiteSpeed Web Server Act as a Cache Proxy?Not yet
Is SSI Supported?Since 4.0
Does LiteSpeed Web Server Support Virtual Hosting?It's unlimited
Is LiteSpeed Compatible with ModSecurity?About Apache mod_security 2.5+ compatibility
Can I Change the Server String in the Response Header?Changing whether clients can see what server you use
Can I use Cloudlinux PHP selector with LiteSpeed?Is Cloudlinex PHP selector compatible with LiteSpeed?
Can I Disable HTTP/2?Disabling HTTP/2 per virtual host


How Should I Report a Bug?The suggested ways to file a LiteSpeed bug report
How Do I Perform a Benchmark?Tips on comparing servers
Is There Anything I Can Do?How you can help
Why 403 error when I register on LiteSpeed forum?How to fix litespeed forum 403 registration error?
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