Woocommerce Reviews and Video Displaying Issue

I am facing two issues with LiteSpeed functions. Before I explain here is my system info:

First, the woocommerce comments work well for logout users, but when you login, the review module isn't seen on the product page. When I clear history and cache and login again, it isn't seen one time again. So It is displayed on the page only for logout users.

My next issue with YouTube player module: when I activate caching, the player being the weird vertical frame. Clearly, it is and style ordering issue. Is there any option to exclude flash to cache or a way fix to ordering?
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Thanks for sharing. I think these issues can be resolved by using woocommerce plugins.
Indeed, WordPress plugins are the best solution, because some time ago, I was shifting my e-commerce business on B2B platforms because I felt that I was lacking some key feature for e-commerce platform, but I was facing many problems, then I did some research I found this plugin B2BWoo, since then issues are pretty much solved.

So I'd suggest you to use some plugins.
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