WebP and IPTC integration

please I wish to ask the introduction of replacement of images with IPTC inside new WebP converted.

I have smart use of IPTC for SEO reasons and actually the webp file conversion block this possibility

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I'm aware of at least a few methods: Either using the picture tag or using a plugin that basically rewrites the htaccess rules and then converts the images to WebP if the browser supports it.

I guess I could buy the BunnyCDN image optimizer but I'm not sure if that's really the most efficient way. I'm currently using this configuration with WebP Express + Litespeed Cache (my host uses litespeed) + BunnyCDN, but I'm not sure if this really provides the fastest performance.

So are there any better ways to serve images as WebP, either with a plugin or just manually editing the HTML/whatever is required? Thanks!