1. M

    Issues with WebP Conversion for WooCommerce Product Thumbnails Using Divi Theme

    Hello, I'm experiencing difficulties with the WebP conversion of product thumbnails on my WooCommerce site that uses the Divi theme. Despite enabling WebP conversion in LiteSpeed settings, some images are not correctly replaced. I'm wondering if there are specific attributes I should be adding...
  2. AndreyPopov

    Journal3, Webp no support in Safari and LSCache

    next problem: - first opportunity of Google PageSpeed Insights is: Journal3 has option to convert "on fly" all images to webp format. converted images stored in image cache. but Safari not support webp image format and Journal3 dynamic detect Safari and use for it originally jpg(png) images...
  3. H

    Litespeed image optimisations and WebP in Safari

    Hi, Obviously WebP does not work in Safari and not sure when if ever it will be implemented but is there some way of serving the original files to just Safari browsers? Currently I have all images being served as WebP and everything works in fine in Chrome and Firefox. For safari users the...
  4. G

    png images are not converted to webp

    Hello Team, I have completed "Image Optimization" from the LSCache Plugin and also "Image WebP Replacement" is turned ON Now these changes seems to be working fine for JPG Images where the image automatically gets converted into webp format But for the same page none of my PNG images...
  5. Leeonard

    WebP and IPTC integration

    Hello, please I wish to ask the introduction of replacement of images with IPTC inside new WebP converted. http://dev.exiv2.org/projects/exiv2/wiki/The_Metadata_in_WEBP_files https://groups.google.com/a/webmproject.org/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/webp-discuss/Srdsveieat4 I have smart use of IPTC...
  6. V

    Serve .webp on images in css

    Is it possible to include a feature to serve webp in css (if browser supports it) with properties such as background-image, and others?