Use both the CDN KeyCDN and the Cloudflare via LSCWP for WP plugin?


Is it possible to use both the CDN KeyCDN and the Cloudflare at the same time via LSCWP for WP plugin?

Thanks in advance for the support.


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Any advantage to using both CDN at the same time? I did not see such use case and it could cause some problem.

@Pong these are some of the advantages of using KeyCDN + CloudFlare together:

"How Does Using a Cloudflare CDN Combination Help?
Using a Cloudflare CDN combination can offer many improvements to a website. Since Cloudflare is based on a freemium model, there are many features that are not available to users without paying a higher price. Using Cloudflare in conjunction with KeyCDN provides users with many additional features such as:
  • Origin shield
  • Secure token
  • Let’s Encrypt support
  • Push zones
  • Wildcard subdomains
  • Unlimited upload sizes
  • Real-time analytics
As can be seen, there are many benefits to implementing a traditional CDN with Cloudflare, thus providing more features and flexibility for the user."

This is the link of this official KeyCDN informations:

however, my question remains always:

Is it possible to use both the CDN KeyCDN and the Cloudflare at the same time via LSCWP for WP plugin?

Thanks in advance for the support.


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Hi @Musacco
Theoretically it should work with different CDN, e.g. you can set image serve from key CDN, and rest still using cloudflare.
Anyway, please let us know if it works. If not, we will try fix it.
Hi @Unique_Eric and thanks in advance for the support.

Unfortunately it does not work.

I have two requests to make you, why so LSCWP for WP plugin it would be more than fantastic, exceptional !

1) Make * KeyCDN compatible and working with LSCWP for WP plugin with auto purge CDN or purge CDN feature integrated.

2) Purge Cloudflare cache automatically when update the appearance of the website.

NOTE: * As for KeyCDN I suggest you check the settings of their original plugin as it is a CDN both Push and Pull and also has these four settings that are missing to you: 1) Enable CDN for relative paths; 2) Enable CDN for HTTPS connections; 3) KeyCDN API Key; KeyCDN Zone ID.

I ask you to be able to fulfill these two requests of mine because so you could manage everything using only your excellent LSCWP for WP plugin and doing so would allow us not to have to use two other WordPress plugins namely:

A) CloudFlare (Official CloudFlare plugin for WordPress)
B) CDN Enabler - WordPress CDN Plugin (Official KeyCDN plugin for WordPress)

Thus making the installation of WordPress much lighter as it would avoid installing the two official plugins listed above and as I repeat much more optimized, being able to manage everything with your excellent LSCWP for WP plugin !

As always, I await your response and for now I thank you very much for the excellent and professional support you provide.

You are the best.