[solved] Invalid Header Magento 2.2.2 [Php7.1] [LSv5.2.8]


We're facing an issue in SSH with the output whenever we try to run command lines like:
./recompile-magento2.sh or php bin/magento cache:flush

The system does not fully recompile. Though on front end seems to not show issues.
This error has happened suddenly, and we have not upgraded or made any changes to our site.

Initially we switched to Php7.1 and a Zend_http_exception issue got resolved.
However we are still facing issue and we have narrowed it down to Litespeed because once this is turned off the issue does not arise.

See screenshot:

However, if we upgrade this we're concerned that we may have another issue with linnworks, as one other user had already upgraded but faced an issue with linnworks integration:

They reported the following:
"Had an error message on the integration page when we click activate: Unable to post data to consumer due to an unexpected error. But if you check the exception.log you will see this: Main.CRITICAL: Invalid header line detected {"exception":"[object] (Zend_Http_Exception(code: 0): Invalid header line detected at ../public_html/vendor/magento/zendframework1/library/Zend/Http/Response.php:371)"}  "

Any advice would be appreciated.


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