[Resolved] ERROR 6000: Notice

Hi, I just had Litespeed installed yesterday along with LS Cache.
Everything supposedly went fine, I can see the installation on the WHM manager and my host says it's all good. BUT, after installing the LiteSpeed Cache plugin I see the error message below on its settings page within WordPress.

ERROR 6000: Notice: This plugin requires a LiteSpeed Server with the LSCache Module enabled. If you are unable to change your server stack, please contact your hosting provider to request the required changes. This plugin will NOT work properly.

My host repeatedly states there's nothing wrong on their end.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Michael A

Staff member
Hi Cyberfyber,

Try performing a graceful restart from within the WHM plugin and see if that helps. (You might just need to communicate with our licensing server)

If you you're still running into issues and don't mind, please private message me with root WHM login so I can quickly check things out.

Dang, they claimed to have done that last night.
So I just followed your directions and did a 'Switch to Litespeed' thereafter for good measure and the Error Message is gone now.
I am new to LS and my host, Knownhost installed all this and restarted wHm.

my dev WP site still shows this error and plugin will not work.

Need some help, KH says there is nothing else they can do.