Purge Cache at 00 o'clock


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Both, because a complete page can be cached and an ESI hole as well, but most of the time with different cache parameters. To understand this it requires to understand what ESI is?


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Sorry, no information what Events or Controllers are good for. This module for PrestaShop is strange and seems to be unfinished. Code and functions exist, but can't be used because other functions are missing. Anybody from LiteSpeed should either rebuild or finish it, but it also seems that there is no much interest in using PrestaShop with LSWS or OLS.

I am just trying to find out the cache tags for ESI modules to purge ESI blocks, but the code for it seems also to be unfinished. If I get this information, we can build a solution for you.


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And why don't they make any mention on the site that it's unfinished?
I am an Enterprise customer and I don't think this is correct.
However, as discussed privately, ESI blocks are named after modules, so in this case the ESI block name is custominfo.